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JAN 2019

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● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● trends FE&S reports on the hottest trends in tabletop design, concept development and other areas of the foodservice industry — both at the back and front of the house. by Amelia Levin Persian and Turkish Cuisine As Middle Eastern flavors keep trending, American consumers continue to learn about Persian (Iranian) and Turkish cuisines, which share similarities in ingredients and dish styles. COMMON PERSIAN AND TURKISH INGREDIENTS ● Produce: Apricots, plums, pomegranates ● Proteins: Lamb and chicken stews and kebabs ● Spices: Sumac, paprika, saffron, cinnamon and turmeric ● Yogurt and labneh (yogurt cheese) ● Grains: Rice ● Nuts: Walnuts and pistachios THE KEBAB Skewered meats and vegetables, typically grilled over a fire, are found in both Turkish and Persian cuisines. ● 69% of Gen Z report kebabs appeal to them ● 41% of baby boomers report kebabs appeal to them ● 59% of consumers are likely to purchase kebabs from either a grocery store or restaurant ● 7% of menus include kebabs Source: Datassential Persian-Turkish Comparison 30% of consumers are interested in Persian cuisine 38% of consumers are interested in Turkish cuisine Source: Datassential ON TURKISH MENUS: Kofta — spiced meatballs using lamb, beef, pork or chicken Baklava — layered puff pastry, honey and nut dessert Börek — savory phyllo dough pastries with feta cheese and herbs Manti — dumplings stuffed with spiced lamb or other meat Pide — cheese-filled pita flatbread baked in clay or wood ovens Dondurma — super thick, Turkish ice cream made by blending together cream, salep, mastic and sugar Dolma — lamb and rice stuffed grape leaves ON PERSIAN MENUS: Zereshk polo — saffron-spiced chicken with barberry rice Faloodeh — a traditional Iranian cold dessert similar to snow cones using rose water Fesenjan — a sweet and sour duck (or chicken) stew made from pomegranate and ground walnuts from the Gilan Province of Iran Kashke Bademjoon — baked eggplant and onions mixed with herbs, mint and kashk, or sun-dried yogurt Tahdig — crusty rice from the bottom of a ceramic pot topped with stew Ghormeh Sabzi — herb stew using fenugreek, parsley, cilantro, leeks or scallions along with dried limes and optional beans and meats Barbari — a thick flatbread topped with sesame and nigella seeds Bastani Sonnati — golden saffron ice cream with pistachios and rose water 18 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPME NT & SUPPLIES • JANUARY 2019

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