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JAN 2019

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Page 108 of 128 XO features three large gas-fired woks for batch cooking menu items such as sweet and sour chicken, Korean barbecue pork, garlic noodles, sesame noodles and sweet and sour veg- gies. Staff also prepare Middle Eastern dishes such as lamb korma, butternut squash curry and red beets with feta cheese. Staff use a single wok range with six small induction woks to prepare made-to-order specialty stir fry dishes. Culinary staff members also prepare jasmine and brown rice in two rice cookers and appetiz- ers including dim sum, egg rolls and potstickers in two bank fryers. A hot stone display unit showcases the items. A two-unit hot well holds pho broths, noodles, grilled meats and sauteed veggies that customers combine into noodle bowls. Etcetera, designed in an island shape, features four large, drop-in cold units for displaying salad and sandwich bar ingredients. The area also contains three soup kettles and an open-faced refrigerated unit that holds fruit. Staff use a double-stacked, reach-in refrig- erator to store ingredients for making smoothies in high-speed blenders. Four hot wells display vegetarian menu items. A reach-in cooler holds menu items for customers on special diets. The adjacent Crossroads station offers restricted diet menu items such as vegan entrees and sides, gluten-free entrees, cereal and waffle batter, and almond milk. Another popular station, Razz, features blender-mixed smoothies. De La Mesa features two heated tortilla presses for staff Various table sizes and styles of seating offer customers choices to dine alone or with friends.

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