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JAN 2019

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100 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • JANUARY 2019 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h Main aisleways throughout the kitchen provide general circulation. Major preparation and production centers sit per- pendicular to the main travel path. "Once we clearly defined travel paths, we identified placement of the various prepara- tion and production centers in conjunction with washing and sanitizing elements such as the scullery and dish room. On this project, the clockwise flow from the point of receiving to hot production is further enhanced by having direct access to the servery where finished goods are served," says Khouw. Guests have a limited view into the kitchen; however the proj- ect team purposely allowed a large portion of the bakery to be in full view of customers. "Visual stimulation plays an important part in today's dining operation and we capitalized on this opportunity to showcase some back-of-the-house operation," says Khouw. The dish room is also central to the overall operation. "Having direct access to the dish room is a huge benefit since many of the smallwares used in the kitchen are processed through the dishmachine," Khouw says. "Typically, we like to locate the dish drop window close to the path of egress so that customers can drop off their dishes on the way out. Not only were we able to achieve this goal but it was also our de- sire to have direct access to the dish room from the kitchen. Knowing that the dish drop window can be unsightly, it is also in our best interest to conceal this area from view as you enter the servery. Working in close collaboration with Mosaic, we placed the elevator going to the mezzanine deck The stone hearth oven at Rosso cooks pizzas, calzones and indi- vidual casseroles. XO features three large gas-fired woks, two rice cookers and fryers. A two-unit hot well holds pho broths, noodles, grilled meats and sauteed veggies that customers combine into noodle bowls.

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