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7 pockets, one of the specialty items for which the original Stan's location is famous, Labriola says. "It's made like a pastry. We put Nutella or Biscoff or peanut butter in it, but we put it in before frying and we give it a diamond fold-over so the filling solidifies a little bit. So it's not like a Bismarck." Labriola notes that his croissant- donut hybrid, dubbed the LeStan, is one of the more popular items offered. Along with the donut selection, Stan's offers a full selection of coffee, tea, espresso and ice cream. The combination of ice cream and donuts led to a limited-time offer last summer, which gar- nered significant publicity for the chain: the donut ice cream sandwich. A staff member splits a donut ("the cake varieties work better," Labriola says) and fills it with ice cream or gelato. One Chicago publication listed the Stan's Donut ice cream sandwich as one of its must-have, "life-changing" ice cream sandwiches for summer eating. Nutella Banana Pocket Glazed Old Fashioned Stan's has become the go-to place for whimsical, delicious donuts for residents of the Windy City. Apart from the wide range of flavors of- fered, one of the things that differentiates Stan's from other donut shops is the way the chain makes its donuts. Labriola explains, "We make our donuts vastly different than most people. Our yeast-raised donuts are made kind of like artisan bread in the way we mix the dough and the way we ferment the dough. It's not straight

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