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75 Stylish Refrigeration from Williams Rancilio: Stylishly Making Specialty Coffee Rancilio continues its heritage of innovative coffee machines with the launch of the Rancilio Special- ty. It combines the Rancilio experience in making stylish, efficient coffee machines with the most up-to-date technology available. There has been a seismic shift in the way people drink coffee, says Andrea Mascetti, com- mercial director for Rancilio Group. "Consumers come in the coffee shop and aren't just drinking a coffee anymore," says Mascetti. "They want an experience that offers new blends, single origin coffee and new tastes." And since the barista has become such an integral part of this new coffee experience, the Rancilio Specialty machine's design allows it to rest on the counter yet still allow the barista to have direct contact with the customer. Input from baristas was critical in the Special- ty design process, says Stefano Raimondi, Rancilio research and development manager. "It was very helpful to have some real baristas working with us. We transferred [their] information to the designer to create a clear and clean workflow and a defined working area with a user-friendly control panel," Raimondi says. By using the control panel, the barista can now get greater control over water temperature, regulate steam power and even review the performance over the last 30 cups of coffee brewed in the Specialty. What's more, the appearance of the Specialty is unique: Rancilio worked with a renowned Italian design firm to give the machine a sleek look, in- spired by a classic Rancilio machine of the 1950s. Now the back of the house can be just as stylish as the front of the house. The Chameleon line from Williams allows operators to personalize their refrig- eration equipment with food-safe vinyl wrapping. Williams offers a virtually limitless range of colors and patterns, and can even texturize the material. Oper- ators can add the Chameleon coverings to almost every product in the Williams line. "Chameleon is a show-stopper. It means the fridge can finally fit in with any design and décor," says Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director of Williams Refrigeration. "It's the perfect way to personalize equipment and make an impact." Metro Helps Subway Deliver Delivery and corporate catering sales remain on the rise among every type of foodser- vice establishment. Subway needed a way to effectively transport its sandwiches, both hot and cold. Working with Subway restaurant operations, Metro devel- oped custom elements for its Mightylite™ thermal transport line. Mightylite food carriers provide an ultralight, super-strong delivery solution. Metro outfitted the Mightylite carriers with special sandwich racks to safely hold and transport either 18 of Subway's foot-long sandwiches or 36 of its six-inch subs. A custom- designed green door reinforces Subway's brand image. Now, the Metro Mightylite carriers help Subway keep its sandwiches fresh and delicious until they reach the consumer.

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