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6 T he term "artisanal" has been applied to just about anything that's edible or drinkable over the past few years. Whether it's a craft beer, a heritage pork breed or a handmade loaf of bread, the word has come to represent a food item that's carefully produced and full of flavor. And artisanal appropriately applies when describing the variety of delectable donuts Stan's Donuts serves. Since opening its first unit in Chicago in 2014, Stan's has become the go-to place for whimsical, delicious donuts for residents of the Windy City. The name Stan's Donuts is already familiar to residents of Los Angeles, how- ever, as Stan Berman opened the original Stan's Donuts in 1963 in the city's Westwood Village neighborhood. Flash forward nearly 50 years later, when Rich Labriola happened to see Berman on a TV travel show. Labriola already knew his way around the dough table, as he had been in the artisan bread business in Chicago for more than 20 years by that time. "I started Labriola Baking in 1993 and sold it in 2013," he says. "We did high-end artisan breads for white-tablecloth restaurants and sold a lot to Trader Joe's and Costco. I started that business out of my car, and then when I sold it, we were doing about $35 million in sales annually." Ready for a new challenge, Labriola entered into a partnership with Berman to bring Stan's Donuts to Chicago. Since "his story and my story work well together," Labriola says, the decision was made to go with the existing name rather than establishing a new brand from scratch. "We went with his history, and his varieties were unique," Labriola says. "It's just a good story. I think that's why we're so successful." Naturally, those donut varieties include traditional favorites such as glazed, plain cake and vanilla-sprinkled cake, which retail for $1.95 each. But Stan's specialty donut menu lists nearly 35 different donuts selling for $2.75, including such taste-tempting treats as a lemon pistachio old fashioned, a Dreamsicle bar and a toffee cake donut. Another list, called the Dough Boy's Best (coincidentally, "Dough Boy" is Labriola's job title), features the top-of-the- line donuts at $3.75 each. This menu includes Lemon Pistachio Old Fashioned COVER STORY

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