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Additional shelving and polymer dunnage racks in the freezer enable everything to remain off the floor. And in the walk-in cooler, upgraded shelv- ing replaces mismatched items. The new shelving maximizes corner space by using S-hooks to eliminate corner posts, making it easy for staff to get the most out of the available space. A high- density shelving system in the walk-in cooler also enables staff to use an active aisle system with the goal of maximizing space. Also new: mobile polymer stor- age racks for pans, polymer dish dollies for banquet dishware and an additional grid wall system to hold utensils. More storage was also created above a secondary prep sink area, specifically set up to hold lids. This area was repurposed from its former use as a dishwashing station. A new humidified holding cabinet enables staff to keep food items at food-safe temperatures, and two additional transport hold- ing cabinets make it easier for staff to wheel food across the parking lot. Add to the list six smaller, insulated pan carriers. Opportunities for increased efficiency were found everywhere, right down to moving coats out of the kitchen. "That's just the way it was forever," Palmer says of the employee coat racks being too close to the main kitchen prep space. Now employees have a dedicated spot in a back corner for coats, along with a shelving unit that houses backpacks and other miscel- laneous staff items. Relocating pots and pans next to the cookline opened up space for dry storage to now sit closer to the kitchen prep area; new shelving keeps everything in order. Prep area, after the makeover: Multiple prep options now allow staff to define their own work area, either at the cantilever workstation, a mobile multitask station or on the stainless steel tables nearby. 65

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