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64 INNOVATION three double-basket fryers and a steam table. Restocking requires staff to make frequent trips back and forth between the Lookout and the kitchen. The location does roughly $750,000 in sales in summer alone. Foodservice also extends to a group of store- fronts that line the boardwalk-style path along the lake. The lineup includes a coffee/bakery, sandwich shop, ice cream store and fudge/can- dy shop. All interconnect in the back but, again, lack the space to handle prep. Back at the main hotel, the White Lion Dining Room offers a house breakfast service. Because customers frequently reserve the White Lion Dining Room for weddings, the ho- tel does not offer any additional on-site dining. A small on-site kitchen here supports the White Lion. This represents the one food venue area under Palmer's umbrella that does not heav- ily rely on conference center kitchen services. Another area he does not have to worry about — at least for now — is in-room dining as the hotel does not offer room service. Install Day After the assessment, Metro narrowed down the specific areas where a more organized workflow could create a much better kitchen environ- ment. "We found several ways to optimize the space," says AJ Zambetti, brand manager, Metro. The Metro team spent three days reorgan- izing and installing all the new storage solutions, starting with the beverage station. Staff had to walk 40 feet to get airpots from another area of the kitchen before they could start coffee service since there was nowhere closer to store them. Installing a grid system on the wall elevated eve- rything off the counter, and the staff now have room for two trays to set coffee service. An additional wall storage solution system was added over the prep sink, which sits next to the beverage station and now stores essentials such as gloves and towels. It also includes a spot to hang airpots to dry, making the area more efficient. Two new stainless-steel tables create a center island with ample space for prep work. A lot of baking, salad and dessert prep happens here. On the wall next to the two tables, a canti- lever workstation with a stainless-steel work surface and shelves above provide additional work space and storage for spices and utensils. New multitask stations can nestle under the stainless tables or under the cantilever worksta- tion. During prep time, when there is not as much traffic flow in the kitchen as during dinner service, staff can pull out these stainless-steel tables, which then serve as additional prep stations. Palmer foresees his team using these stations to service the first course for banquets. "We'll probably set up for one course and pump out some appetizers on these," he says. "It will also be nice to roll out and add a person when we need extra prep." "These changes alone added 50 percent more prep space," Palmer adds. "Staff no longer need to walk across the kitchen, making multi- ple trips to collect what they need for prep." Pot and pan storage was moved from wire shelving in a back room to polymer shelving within arm's reach of cook staff. "Before, any time we were making sauces, we had to walk to another room 60 feet away," Palmer notes. Relocating pots and pans streamlines the workflow and eliminates the need for staff to cross paths with each other. New chrome shelving sits along the wall next to the dry goods storage and keeps dishes much closer for staff. All storage now exists in the main cooking area. The previous pot and pan storage area now serves as dry storage, with adjustable shelving di- viders making it easy for staff to separate various items. "Product now comes out of the boxes and the items are organized neatly, and everyone can see the inventory better," says Palmer. BEFORE The images above show what the facility looked like before the makeover, including a full kitchen view, and the pot and pan storage area. More Metro Makeover Success Online See more before and after photos and watch the makeover happen with Metro's Kitchen Storage Makeover videos at Learn how you can be part of the 2019 Kitchen Storage Makeover contest! Chef Dan Palmer is ready to put the newly reorganized, more efficient kitchen to work.

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