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56 handle up to 30 racks per hour, addressing Jugo Juice's high-capacity needs. Flexible fill and drain lines with a water strainer and pressure-regulating valve ensure trouble-free operation. "We use the dish machine how it's intended, multiple times throughout the day, in our stores," says Sullivan. "It is very user friendly. We're also fortunate to heavily rely on single- use items, which means there's not a lot of dishware in the stores. But when it comes time for cleaning after rush or pre-close at the end of the day, our Moyer Diebel 383HT is used extensively." Jugo Juice uses Moyer Diebel's 383HT to clean and sanitize a number of Jugo Juice's stores' smallwares and equipment components. This includes tongs, spoons, spatulas and other smallwares as well as plates used for food displays in deli cases, juicer components and wheatgrass machine parts. "We run stores with only two or three employees, so we need to be as productive as possible with our staff. This equipment provides a labor benefit as we don't require a dedicated person at the washing station; staff members can multitask rather than standing by the unit through a complete wash cycle," says Sullivan. "The 383HT definitely allows us to be much more productive than a two- or three- compartment sink. We're faster, cleanliness is elevated, and we don't have to be concerned with sanitation. Food safety and sanitation are massive for us and one of the reasons we make sure this unit is in all of our locations." Not only does the warewasher keep Jugo Juice's employees productive and wash items faster, but it helps staff in every location fol- low proper washing procedures. "Although we haven't changed the use of Moyer Diebel's warewashing machine, we have changed the fre- quency," says Sullivan. "Our brand has expanded to incorporate more fresh-pressed juice, so we need juicers cleaned throughout the day." The Jugo Juice team also appreciates Moyer Diebel's close attention to customer service. "It's very easy to reach out to the company and connect with the appropriate person to find a solution or get an answer to a question," says Sullivan. "It's always something simple, like hooking up a drain hose, and we've even had Moyer Diebel personnel make a special trip to our location to assist us. It's the best re- lationship we've had with a vendor. We don't national store development project manager, who adds that smoothies make up about 90 percent of the chain's sales. Jugo Juice has long had an emphasis on clean eating — its smoothies feature whole fruits and vegetables and unsweetened juice. And the commitment to clean doesn't start and stop with the food. Store designs allow custom- ers to view the production process in full. Jugo Juice also puts great emphasis on cleaning and sanitation. Due to the stores' small footprints, three-compartment sinks are not an option. Instead, the chain employs dishwashers to properly sanitize blender jugs and thoroughly clean smallwares. Because dish rooms typically have a higher- than-average staff turnover, procuring easy-to- operate warewashing equipment is important for concepts like Jugo Juice. Add in the fact that Canada has some of the most stringent sanita- tion requirements in the world, and it makes securing the proper unit even more critical. Jugo Juice decided it was time to update the chain's warewashing. While researching potential solutions, the chain reached out to Champion Moyer Diebel, an Ontario, Canada- based manufacturer of commercial warewash- ing equipment. While Moyer Diebel entered the industry making rotary glass washers, it also offers commercial dishwashers that are dependable, durable and easy to use. Not only did the chain seek a dish machine that could meet its volume demands, but it also needed to accommodate the stores' small footprints. "Jugo Juice was buying a competitive warewasher brand, and we were unhappy with its performance," says Sullivan. Jugo Juice chose Moyer Diebel's 383HT model, an undercounter, high-temperature overflow type dishwashing machine with built-in booster heater. The second generation of Moyer Diebel's 351HT unit, this system in- cludes a new smart display that provides digital temperature readouts and cycle progress indica- tors to simplify daily operation. In the past, Jugo Juice contended with warewashing units that would struggle to keep up with the required cycles and take too much time to heat up. The Moyer Diebel warewasher maintains required temperatures and easily handles the stores' high-volume cleaning needs. The unit features a 120-second cycle time and can "We run stores with only two or three employees, so we need to be as productive as possible with our staff. This equipment provides a labor benefit as we don't require a dedicated person at the washing station." SUCCESS STORIES

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