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53 has 30 stores systemwide, including (in what seems like a "bringing coals to Newcastle" idea) two in the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Anchorage, Alaska. The chain plans to open five more units by the end of 2019, with a total of 50 scheduled for 2021. While the number of stores has expanded, the CREAM menu has stayed fairly true to its original concept. Customers can now choose from about 20 high-quality ice cream varieties. Along with the ice cream cookie sandwiches, the chain offers brownies, waffles and a donut- croissant hybrid called a "Do'sant" — all of which can be made into an ice cream sandwich. Cones, sundaes, shakes and an ice cream taco round out the menu. Shamieh calls the taco "infamous," featuring three ice cream flavors and two top- pings wrapped in a freshly baked waffle cone. For something a little warmer, CREAM offers a variety of coffee drinks, including the "CREAM-agato": a scoop of ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. The concept of customization plays a key role in CREAM's success. It's a natural extension of the trend whereby today's customers expect everything to be served "their way." But an equally critical factor in CREAM's success is the company's core principles: a dedication to quality, affordability, exceptional service and congenial atmosphere. The chain commits to providing each customer with a unique, fun experience every time they visit a CREAM location. "It all starts with the recruitment and hiring process," Shamieh says. "We look for employees who share the vision of the CREAM brand. Once hired, we train to the core principles and celebrate the employees who reflect these princi- ples on a daily basis." CREAM wants employees to have fun while working, even encouraging them to sing or dance while serving customers. Given the smaller size of the aver- age CREAM store, with seating for anywhere from six to 12 guests, much of the food prep occurs in plain view of the customer. So it was critical that the ovens at CREAM not only look attrac- tive and perform dependably, they had to have a small footprint as well. "We did comparisons of multiple ovens and tested them in different situations," says Shamieh. "We found that Moffat provided value, reliability and consist- ency of temperature controls. These were very important to us." "CREAM needed a compact solution, which Moffat is known for," explains Danielle Brach, regional sales manager for Moffat. "Our unique footprint is one of our biggest differentiators. And, Moffat was able to provide the best [baking] consistency for their cookies." The placement of the ovens pro- vides an additional sensory experience for the customer, Brach says. "Right when you walk in, the ovens are on display. You've got the cookies baking. You've got this amazing aroma. And they make the ice cream sandwich right in front of you." CREAM's choice, the Moffat Turbofan ® 30 Series E31D4 half-size convection oven, remains up to its lead- ing role. The oven's clean, sleek cabinet houses a powerful, dependable performer that holds four half-size pans and can roast, bake or broil. An electronic thermo- stat control ensures consistent tempera- tures, and the program mode allows for preprogramming frequently used settings. And it does all this in a compact 24� x 32� footprint. Moffat's involvement with CREAM went beyond just supplying the ovens, says Kristian Kuh, general manager, Moffat U.S. "They needed an equip- ment solution and we involved our ex- ecutive chef. He worked with CREAM to optimize their recipes. This is how we're successful with a lot of custom- ers. We're more than just an oven pro- vider; we're a culinary and solutions partner," Kuh says. The formula of providing custom- ized choices with friendly, personalized service remains a winner for CREAM. "We're more than just an oven provider; we're a culinary and solutions partner." CREAM uses the Moffat Turbofan oven to bake cookies that the chain serves warm as part of its signature ice cream sandwiches.

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