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52 "I scream, you scream…" So goes the old playground chant. But these days, "rave" might be a bet- ter term for the way people feel about ice cream treats from the CREAM (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me) chain. CREAM has become famous for its "Perfect Ice Cream Sandwiches," made to order with warm, fresh-from- the-oven cookies and indulgent ice cream in such flavors as Cin-Ful Churro and Chocoholic. The CREAM story starts in Berkeley, Calif. Gus Shamieh, one of the chain's founders, explains that when the Shamieh kids were growing up, "my mother would always be baking. We became known throughout the neighborhood for my mom's famous ice cream sandwiches." With the mantra of "serving happiness one ice cream sand- wich at a time," the Shamieh family — Gus, his parents and sister — made the decision in 2010 to open their first CREAM store in Berkeley. The success of the first location prompted them to franchise the con- cept two years later. By 2017, the chain had expanded into Colorado, Florida and Nevada. Now, CREAM CREAM OF THE CROP A California-based ice cream chain finds the key to success is customization and freshness. SUCCESS STORIES

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