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51 Maximizing Space As one might expect, a griddle and a fryer serve as key parts of Burger 21's equipment package. Two other pieces of equipment — a convection oven and a six-burner range — were also very important right from the beginning. "Burger 21 is about investing in burgers, and the majority of our menu items are made from scratch," says Remes. "This includes sauces, dressings and bakery items." As the concept evolved, though, so did its equipment needs. "Over time, we were able to streamline recipes, procedures and production and create an even smaller kitchen footprint," says Remes. "This meant we didn't need a big range, and we sought out a high-quality convection oven with storage and cooking capabilities." Burger 21 reached out to equipment dealer Johnson-Lancaster and Associates in Clearwater, Fla., to research potential options. The Johnson- Lancaster team touted the benefits of Moffat's Turbofan ® Series 30 E32D5 Convection Oven. "We are known for having a versatile con- vection oven with the smallest footprint, and that's why Burger 21 went with us," says Jimmy Droter, Moffat's regional sales manager and ex- ecutive chef. "Users can do all aspects of baking in a small space with this oven. Plus, the auto- reversing fan and moisture injection guarantees a perfect bake every time." Moffat's Turbofan 30 Series of convection ov- ens are designed to be versatile performance ovens. These ovens offer digital controls and one-touch models and are ideal for baking, roasting, cooking, holding and rethermalizing. The thermostatic range is between 150 and 550 degrees F. Despite the small footprint of Moffat's E32D5 Turbofan Convection Oven, the unit accommodates five full-size baking sheets. This allows Burger 21 to maximize produc- tion in a minimal amount of space. Once the culinary staff started using the Moffat convection oven, the chain began to appreciate how product quality and consistency was phenomenal from shift to shift. Burger 21 began the process of converting its exist- ing locations to the Moffat ovens and includes them in all its new locations. "When it comes to our menu, along with the grill and fryer, the Moffat oven is the backbone," says Remes. "We cook bacon day in and day out since it's utilized across our menu. We also use the oven for many other items, such as baked chicken to dice in our salads, baked goods including cookies, parmesan cheese crackers, and garnishes for our shakes. It is used from open to close." Consistency of Temperatures Burger 21 is reaping a number of benefits from Moffat's E32D5 Turbofan Convection Oven. "The number one thing is the consistency of how this oven cooks our items," says Remes. "Not only were we getting consistent cook times, but the units hold temperatures very well." The Moffat Turbofan convection oven's fan is auto reversing, which means every 90 seconds, the fan stops and spins in the opposite direction. "Traditionally, when using convection ovens, pans need manual and constant rotating for even baking," says Droter. "With Moffat's auto reversing fan, product is baked con- sistently on all sides. This saves time and labor as well as energy from opening and closing the oven door." E32D5 Turbofan Convection Ovens also have a moisture injection feature. "This adds pres- surized water in the back, enabling it to be used like a combi oven," says Droter. "The oven cooks bread with crisp crusts and higher rises. It also provides higher yields and better flavor with proteins." With Moffat's ENERGY STAR ® - certified E32D5 Turbofan Convection Oven's smaller footprint, there is no extra oven space that needs heating. Remes says the oven's digital timers add to the ease of use. In addition, the programmability option for these units requires pressing a single button for a recipe's specific cooking program. This ensures consistent results, no matter the user or Burger 21 location. The chain has also benefitted from Moffat's focus on customer service. "Moffat's service is impeccable," says Mike Pistorino, Burger 21's vice presi- dent of operations. "They answer the phone, are timely and efficient, and their customer care is unparalleled." As Burger 21 evolves to remain relevant in the fast-casual segment, the company's plans call for expanding into new markets outside larger cities, which means the unit prototype and equipment package will need to be even more flexible. "Moffat is a breath of fresh air in terms of being our vendor partner," says Remes. "The company has the knowledge and expertise and provides tips, pointers and additional features of the oven so we can maximize its abilities. They are a partner that betters our business." Burger 21 uses Moffat's Turbofan oven to cook bacon throughout the course of the day. And the restaurant uses that bacon across a variety of menu items, underscoring the importance of this piece of equipment.

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