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45 produces. On this front, the Eloma helps Chef Bora serve his guests high-quality food that is consistent across batches and within individual cycles. This food isn't limited to just a dish or two a day. Despite the presence of other convection units, the Eloma is now the primary oven in Chef Bora's kitchen. He and his team use it for standard baking and roasting, steaming and combi cooking. Cummins' pastry chef even uses it as her primary oven for making breads, pastries and other baked goods. It's a key to regular lunch service as well as meals for special evening and weekend events at the Cummins facility. Filling so many roles in a kitchen is not uncom- mon for Eloma units, says John Durbin, principal with Allied Technologies Food Equipment, a manufacturers' rep firm that represents Eloma. "Versatility for a chef is usually the key," he explains. "A combi has got to be able to go into and out of dif- ferent functions and handle different volumes, from one or two pans to five loads. The Eloma can handle those demands throughout the day." Chef Bora, of course, is comfortable relying on the Eloma so much because the unit and the company have proven reliable. After nearly two years of high-volume work, a burnt-out light- bulb represents the only problem he's encoun- tered with the GENIUS MT , Chef Bora says. Not only is Chef Bora happy with the GENIUS MT itself, he's also satisfied with the support he's getting from Eloma. This started with initial training provided by Durbin as well as Eloma Regional Sales Manager and Executive Chef Ron Lapniewski. This initial training went quickly: Chef Bora's familiarity with combi cooking combined with the Eloma's easy interface allowed him to get up to speed on the unit in about 15 minutes, says Lapniewski. On an ongoing basis, Lapniewski has stayed in regular contact with Chef Bora, making sure he's aware of updates to the GENIUS MT software and helping him get the most out of the machine. Chef Bora has also found Eloma's 24-7 customer helpline useful. "If you're in a service for 200 people and something as simple as a but- ton was mistakenly pressed, they can guide you through that in a matter of seconds. That saves the day," he says. Chef Bora has been so satisfied with the Eloma GENIUS MT , in fact, that he recommended an Eloma for the kitchen at the Cummins headquarters in Columbus, Indiana. An even bigger endorsement is a recent change he made to his own kitchen: At the beginning of 2018, Chef Bora turned his single Eloma into a double stack, going from a capacity of six sheet pans to 16. Not only did he need the extra capacity, but he also knew that the Eloma would help him continue to produce the high- quality food he's dedicated to serving his guests. "We're trying to be a notch above," Chef Bora says. "In order to achieve that, you have to have the best ingredients and the best equip- ment as well. When the kitchen was designed, it was designed with that in mind." Cummins' recipe for success is using the best equipment to cook the best ingredients and the Eloma combi oven plays a key role in that scenario.

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