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44 ou could probably guess what's on the menu of the nearest corporate cafeteria: burgers, sandwiches and wraps; a salad bar; and maybe a home-cooking station offering baked chicken, rice or potatoes, and steamed vegetables. There's certainly nothing wrong with that menu, but there is nothing too excit- ing about it, either. At the Indianapolis-based Global Distribution Headquarters for global power leader Cummins, the offerings aren't so easy to guess. In fact, the chef doesn't even know what he's cooking until he arrives in his kitchen each morn- ing. "We don't have a menu here," says Vlad Victor Bora, Cummins' executive chef. "What we make is driven by seasonality and availability of food. In our industry today, the menu is created and then the ingredients are sourced. We are flipping that. We are sourcing the ingredients first and then we write the menu." This approach, says Chef Bora, allows him to experiment on a daily basis. While he has offered salads and sandwiches and baked chicken since the kitchen opened in January 2017, he's also made dishes that you wouldn't expect to find at a corporate cafeteria — offerings like fresh-baked herbed focaccia bread, basmati aromatic rice, barbecued pork ribs and slow-braised beef bourguignon. As a chef, he appreciates having the flexibility to create in this way. It's actu- ally a good fit for the company's Global Distribution Headquarters as well. Cummins describes the facility as "a warm, welcoming and inviting space that inspires people emotionally, intellectually and physically." Running a kitchen that allows him to improvise lets Chef Bora both participate in and contribute to this environment. With flexibility and creativity at the forefront of the kitchen's mission, a combi-steamer from Eloma's GENIUS MT line is one of the kitchen's key pieces of hot side equipment. A 15-plus year veteran of professional kitch- ens, Chef Bora had worked on cruise ships, as a personal chef, as a caterer and in fine dining before joining Cummins in January 2017. But he had never before worked with an Eloma combi oven. Chef Bora maintains high standards for his kitchen. The quality of a piece of equipment is just as important to a dish as the quality of the ingredients, he says. Even with these high standards, he quickly warmed up to the Eloma. Due to the frequent experimentation in Chef Bora's kitchen, the simple, intuitive control panel is one of the best features of the Eloma GENIUS MT . Being able to quickly and easily pro- gram recipes into the Eloma combi supports the creation of new dishes. "I like that it has multiple points of informa- tion on the display when you start it up. You don't have to go into the submenu so much. That was always something I wasn't a big fan of, having to dig deeper into the menu structure to accomplish a setting," Chef Bora says. "The display is bright and visible across the kitchen and large enough — but not too large." The interface also gives Chef Bora the level of precision he likes as a chef. He can set the cooking chamber's temperature to the degree, humidity levels to the single percentage point, cook time to the second and even the speed of the convection fan. Such precision helps Chef Bora offer guests food that not only tastes good but is also nutritious, ideally feeding their creativity and helping them perform at a high level when they're back at work. This precision, Chef Bora notes, matches his own personal goals and style as a chef. "In order to have a personal touch in your own interpre- tation of a dish, I think that's where the exclu- siveness of a chef comes into play — where your vision and your touch can mold the recipes into your own and also underline your style." Of course, a piece of equipment's flexibility is secondary to the actual quality of the food it Y Being able to quickly and easily program recipes into the Eloma combi supports the creation of new dishes. Vlad Victor Bora, Cummins executive chef SUCCESS STORIES

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