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37 "The depth of pro- gramming that enables our customers to produce unique products is one of the most important things about Carpigiani," she says. "This machine can produce the standard soft serve, but it has the programming to be able to produce a crystalline product as well as a sorbet product as well as an extremely high-quality gelato and custard. It has various attachments and programming to do mono portions or production. We're taking a standard machine and infusing that with the smartness of how to produce artisanal products." While foodservice operators pri- marily use Mister Art in professional kitchens, the unit's capabilities make it well suited for manufacturing, too. Buzz Pop, for example, uses the hose and wand attachment, which allows employ- ees to easily and quickly fill push pop containers at a very high volume. The reliability of the Carpigiani machine also makes it ideal for the company's manufacturing and distribu- tion strategy. Since it began operations in the summer of 2017, Buzz Pop has ramped up to producing tens of thousands of push pops each month. Other than replacing parts due to wear and tear expected at these volumes, Buzz Pop hasn't en- countered any maintenance problems with its Carpigiani units, says Isaacs. Carpigiani has proven such a great part- ner, he adds, that as Buzz Pop grows, the manufacturer will be right at its side. Growth is definitely on the hori- zon for the company. In calendar year 2017, Buzz Pop did six figures in sales in about six months. Over the first eight months of 2018, sales increased by 2,000 percent, Isaacs says. With such tremendous results, Buzz Pop now plans to build a second manu- facturing and distribution center, this time in Tampa, Fla. This location will give Buzz Pop a stronger presence on the East Coast, including easier access to cruise ships departing from Florida. Though the company will need larger machines in this facility, Buzz Pop will still utilize Carpigiani, says Isaacs. In addition, Buzz Pop continues to look for new and creative ways to distribute its product. The company has a deal to sell its push pops through an adult ice cream truck vendor. The company is also exploring opening small pop-up shops around the country and then starting a retail franchise model. Each location would have a Carpigiani Mister Art machine making alcohol-infused push pops, ice cream sandwiches and sundaes. It turns out, then, what happens in Vegas can grow into a mini empire in just a matter of months — with the right product and the right support. "I really enjoy the Carpigiani machines, their durability and the quality of the products they're able to produce," says Isaacs. "As we grow, I can see always having a Carpigiani in my facilities." "I realized that if we were going to produce the most premium product, we would need to spec out the most exclusive, best sorbet machine." While most foodservice operators use Carpigiani's Mister Art machines in their kitchens, the flexibility these machines provide make them a good fit for Buzz Pop's manufacturing efforts.

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