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35 few high-quality non-alcoholic beverages can add a high-revenue, high-margin product that might even prompt customers to make a special trip. A Sustainable Business Joyride's ability to innovate and desire to be beverage taste-makers will sustain the compa- ny's relevance, Toscano says. But Joyride strives to sustain more than growth. The company's mission is "to create a healthier and more sus- tainable world with revolutionary beverage." One way Joyride strives to provide healthier beverages is through its packaging and distribu- tion process. Because Joyride uses local suppli- ers and the brewed product is always cold, it doesn't need preservatives. Often, preservatives in bottled or canned drinks create an off taste, requiring a sweetener to cover it up. Joyride demonstrates its commitment to sustainability in several ways. It uses Direct Trade beans — beans procured directly from growers — to make its coffees. Sourcing and brewing locally reduces carbon output from delivery. And then there are the kegs. The reus- able containers reduce waste from cans and bottles, as well as from coffee pods and filters. Joyride claims the company saves between 80 and 160 cans or bottles per keg, depending on whether it's a ready-to-drink or concentrated product. "Our goal in 2018 was to save 10 million bottles and cans from circulation," Toscano says. As of press time, he adds, the company is pacing to achieve that ahead of schedule. Back on the Road To pitch its story, Joyride has gone on the road with Beverage-Air, demonstrating the kegerators and sharing tastes of nitrogenized cold brew cof- fee with attendees of restaurant and convenience store trade shows. "We both want to change the perspective about kegs," Toscano adds. No longer on the road — but still on Joyride's branding material — is that original food truck. However, branded Joyride trucks now carry the refrigerated product to custom- ers, usually about twice a week. "People in offices are fans; they know where the coffee is from," Toscano laughs. "Not many coffee distributors have fans." To demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, Joyride uses Direct Trade beans. Sourcing directly from the grower reduces the carbon output from delivery. "More and more, we're seeing chains and others who want to attract Millennials, and beverage lovers in general, who want to offer something you can't get anywhere else." Paul Toscano, chief of strategic partnerships for Joyride.

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