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34 beverages. At the same time the company has been working to educate consumers about the difference between iced coffee and cold brew coffee, it's been exploring new non-alcoholic drinks to offer its customers. A recent new offering is Nitro Matcha Cold Brew Tea. Other options include kombucha; black, green and scarlet (Joyride's take on cold brew hibiscus) teas; seltzer; and switchel. What's switchel? "It's an American heritage beverage, originally from Vermont," Toscano explains. "It was enjoyed by colonial New England farmers on hot summer days, and has really hit a chord with people today. I think of it as a sweet, refreshing ginger beer." The switchel on tap at Joyride is from a local brand called Up Mountain Switchel. Joyride aims to distribute an assortment of high-quality brands, including Stumptown, Starbucks, Dark Horse, Intelligentsia and other coffees, as well as Health-Ade and Whalebird kombuchas, and Steven Smith Teamaker. Out of Office As the company continues to grow, Joyride keeps expanding both its customer base and its geographic coverage. It has brewing facilities in New York and California and is entrenched in those metropolitan areas along with Boston and Southern California. While some of its business comes from office coffee service, the company also works with restaurants from colleges to national chains to mom-and-pop independents. This January, Starbucks began offering Joyride coffee programs in its foodservice ac- counts in hospitals, bookstores, colleges and more. "Starbucks is a great partner," Toscano says. "As they started to expand into cold brew, they reached out to us. Imagine. We're only seven years old and already we're partnered with Starbucks." Toscano is coy about some of the other large accounts Joyride is working with. But he names Noah's New York Bagels and Las Vegas casinos Aria and Caesars Palace as operators who are expanding and enhancing their beverage offer- ings by partnering with Joyride. "More and more, we're seeing chains and others who want to attract Millennials, and bev- erage lovers in general, who want to offer some- thing you can't get anywhere else," Toscano says. He estimates that many restaurants that offer beer or wine on tap have one or two taps that are lagging the others in sales. Offering a Joyride partners with Beverage-Air to provide customers with turnkey solutions that allow them to serve nitro coffee across a variety of venues. SUCCESS STORIES

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