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31 F ew foods appeal to the senses in the same way donuts do. With their unmistakable aroma and eye-appealing color, donuts are a virtually irresistible treat. Now, with the Donut Robot ® from Belshaw Adamatic, also called the Insider Ventless Donut System, operators can make mouth- watering donuts just about anywhere, anytime. The Donut Robot is both mobile and ventless, allowing operators to easily move the system into high-traffic areas. And it's fast: The Donut Robot produces donuts in just two minutes after filling the hopper. "This is a ventless, self-contained donut-frying unit that has everything you need," says Irene Kimmerly, vice president of sales for Belshaw Adamatic. "It eliminates the need for a standard exhaust hood. It has built-in fire sup- pression, and can be designed any way you want. It can be used both inside and outside." Since the Donut Robot is easily movable and ventless, it can be reposi- tioned during the day to increase sales potential. That takes donuts beyond the breakfast menu and into the evolving "snack dayparts," which are becoming more important in the overall profit mix for many foodservice operations. Donuts Made Easy The easy-to-use Donut Robot features a continuously rotating tray that collects the warm donuts automatically after frying. It's EZMelt filtration system keeps the shortening clean and allows the operator to add warm shortening continuously without interrupting the frying process. The Donut Robot can use any type of donut mix, Kimmerly says. "It is a very handy and reliable system, and you don't need any special training to use it. You just fill the hopper and turn it on. People love its capacity, its versatility and its simplicity." To maximize branding impact, operators can elect to wrap the system in custom banners. And customers can see the donut-making process in action through its large glass window, adding visual appeal. "We wanted it to be about the 'theater' of the donut-making pro- cess," Kimmerly says. "You always see kids' faces pressed up against the side, watching the donuts being made." Belshaw has sold the Donut Robot to the Whole Foods Market and Wegmans grocery chains in the U.S., and to Costco Wholesale and Sam's Club internation- ally. "We sell it to customers who use it all over the world and find many ways to customize the design," Kimmerly says. "It really is a step beyond what any of our competitors have on the market." BELSHAW IN NUMBERS: Belshaw was founded in 1923 Adamatic was founded in 1962 Belshaw Adamatic was formed by a merger in 2007 Production capacity for the Insider Ventless Donut System – Mark II: 400 standard size donuts per hour and 109 dozen mini-donuts per hour Production capacity for the Insider Ventless Donut System – Mark V: 600 standard size per hour and 1 63 dozen mini-donuts per hour After-sales support: one year, all parts warranty

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