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25 THE GLOBAL VIEW Tim Garbett assesses the foodservice scene outside North America: Europe has excellent utility infrastructure. Multi-unit operators are steadily increasing their foodservice market share, yet there are still many successful single-unit operators. In the Middle East and Africa, where there is dependable infrastructure, multi-unit operators are growing along with diverse independent operators. ACP manages finished goods and spare parts inventory in Belgium to supply dealers across the region. Some countries in the Asia- Pacific region have well- developed utility infrastructure, while others are in varying stages of development. The better the infrastructure, the greater the opportunity for our products. As disposable income rises, dining out increases. We are starting to introduce our European business model to the Asia-Pacific region. We have a logistics center in Hong Kong to supply the region, while more are planned. It's the responsibility of the manufac- turer, he says, to show operators the correct way to prepare the food. Finally, attracting and retaining qualified workers is as important to manufacturers as it is to operators, Garbett says, and his point parallels the way he got into the foodservice equip- ment business. "The industry is full of families, their friends, and people who got lucky and found a place in it," he says. But, he adds, "Programs devoted to training engineers in commercial kitchen equipment design are virtually nonexistent. There are talented people in the equipment business, but generally they are born into it or stumble into it." Despite the challenges ahead, both domestically and internationally, Garbett remains optimistic about the state of the foodservice industry. "It's a particularly exciting time for the industry," he says. "Consumers will always dine out for the sake of speed, convenience, pleasure and celebration. Where they spend their money in foodservice may shift with age, personal values and income, but they're going to keep spending." ACP continues to look for ways to minimize the linear kitchen counter space its ovens occupy while increasing oven capacity and throughput.

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