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23 "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." Tim Garbett, president of ACP, Inc., was told that quote many years ago by his supervi- sor, and it has stayed with him ever since. But he expands on that line of thought by say- ing, "Opportunities may come and go, but the quality of our preparation to take advantage of them decides whether we are successful." These cornerstones have served Garbett well as he has successfully led ACP — which markets foodservice equipment under the Amana and Menumaster brands — for more than a decade. Unlike some other foodservice profession- als who started their careers on a serving line or in the back of the house, Garbett came to the foodservice equipment side of the business via an unorthodox route: home appliances. He started in the home appliance industry in the late 1970s, working for various manufacturers until coming to the home appliance division of Amana in 1987. Garbett held a number of sales and marketing po- sitions at Amana until being named vice president in 1990. His big career switch came in 1998, when he transferred to Amana Commercial as a vice president of sales; five years later, he was named general manager of the business unit. In 2006, Garbett was named president of the company and kept that position when the Ali Group purchased ACP the following year. This experience puts Garbett in a unique position to spot the trends that affect both the industry and consumers. What Consumers Want The increasing rise in takeout and delivery services is one of the most important trends Garbett sees on the consumer side. He points to the ever-growing number of casual and fast- casual foodservice operators who provide dedi- cated food pickup points at their restaurants. "Consumers can skip the wait for table service and pick up their meals or have them deliv- ered," says Garbett. "Some operators have their own delivery services, and the rise of independ- ent, third-party car services for food pickup and delivery to customers is growing substantially." Garbett feels ACP is uniquely positioned to support operators that offer delivery. "Commercial microwave ovens have always been a way for operators to heat food quickly for fast delivery," he says. "Now we can toast and brown foods fast using new combinations of microwave, convection, infrared and impingement technologies." Diners' desire for fresher, less-processed food represents another key consumer trend in Garbett's eyes. "We have generations coming Tim Garbett, president of ACP, Inc., discusses the trends that affect consumers and manufacturers. LUCK + OPPORTUNITY = SUCCESS

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