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8 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies | The NAFEM Show 2019 Planning Guide Industry Snapshot The collective craving for both insights and solutions at this particular time in the industry's evolution is strong. Growth heading into 2019 is expected to be slow and spotty. Technomic's early forecast for 2019 anticipates real growth of 1.6 percent — roughly the same as in 2018. Consumers in general spend less on food as a percentage of their overall disposable income than they did several years ago, according to the Department of Agriculture, and the overall supply of restaurants continues to outstrip demand. That's compounded by the fact that volume continues to shift toward more off-premise consumption thanks to convenient delivery and takeout facilitated by mobile technologies. Labor costs keep rising while the pool of available and/ or qualiŒed talent keeps shrinking. In FE&S' Foodservice Industry Forecast for 2019 article, Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the research and knowledge group for the National Restaurant Association, noted that one out of every two operators lists labor-related issues as their toughest challenge. PREVIEW Your Backstage Pass to The NAFEM Show 2019 Come February, the stage will once again be set for Orlando's Orange County Convention Center to host one of the foodservice industry's largest exhibitions of equipment, supplies, tabletop and other nonfood products under one roof. Presented by the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM), The NAFEM Show is a biennial three-day event that's unlike any other by virtue of its focus and ability to connect manufacturer exhibitors with key constituencies in an environment that facilitates product introduction, education and demonstration. For attendees, the show is a bit like a foodservice industry backstage pass or a trip to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Innovations and operational solutions are on display in every aisle, affording a close-up look at the tools of the trade that make preparing and serving high-quality, safe, beautiful and delicious foods away from home possible and pro'table. And for those grappling with how to shift their menus and services to meet changing consumer demands and keep up with game-changing technologies, The NAFEM Show offers big-picture insights and practical solutions. Photo courtesy of NAFEM

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