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64 Spon s or ed Con t en t | The NAFEM Show 2019 Planning Guide Booth #2630 Equipex has developed high performance equipment design to enhance the operator experience, utilizing time-saving cooking techniques combined with easy cleaning features and green technology New patented element designs result in fast pre-heating and cooking for panini grills, crepe makers and moveable top salamanders. New enamel cooking surfaces on panini grills, waf…e bakers, crepe makers and griddles focus on easier cleaning, saving the operator money and time. Should a ventilation issue arise, Equipex offers countertop plug-and-play ventless hood systems. Booth #1851 | Everidge is the nation's premier commercial refrigerated services provider, representing an unmatched, combined strength with brands CrownTonka, ThermalRite, ICS and LoTemp Doors. This year's The NAFEM Show booth will feature Everidge's line of ThermalRite cook-chill products — cold prep tables, blast chillers, vacuum sealers and freezer burn-resistant sous vide bags — as well as indoor/outdoor walk- in coolers and freezers. If you want to eliminate food waste, prep in advance and manage costs more effectively, stop by and chat with Everidge experts. Booth #1035 | Food Warming Equipment Company Inc. (FWE) offers the very best in customizing commercial solutions for food and beverage operations, hotel and hospitality, banqueting, chain restaurants, c-stores, caterers, and all manner of corporate and commercial facilities including schools, healthcare, stadiums, and correctional. PRODUCT PREVIEW Multi-Function "Quick Cook" Convection Oven Equipex's new Multi-Function "Quick Cook" Convection Oven (model FC60QC) features convection, quartz nishing/broiling, pastry baking, and turbo-quartz top/ bottom elements with convection modes. Even and fast baking is guaranteed by true convection design. The unique Turbo-quartz infrared broiling elements allow for quick nishing, while the added bottom elements provide enhanced baking mode for pies, casseroles, and more. Simultaneously, a chef can nish, bake or heat a wide range of different foods on four shelves. PRODUCT PREVIEW ThermalRite Vacuum Sealer Everidge's ThermalRite vacuum sealers provide you with an exceptional, ef cient and economical approach to long-term cold food storage. Cutting edge technology removes air and preserves ‰avor, extending shelf life up to four times longer than traditional methods. Each sealer is housed in stainless steel, with a transparent lid for monitoring process. These high-quality, safe tabletop machines — created by foodservice experts with advanced, easy- to-operate, electronic portion controls — seal foods in air-free packaging that protects and prevents freezer burn. PRODUCT PREVIEW Heated Holding Shelf (HHS) This new product line keeps getting better with more options, sizes, designs, and features tailored for your operation. As the demand for quick access to higher quality food prevails, and new mobile apps push accessibility in almost every market segment and application, the HHS series of heated shelves was designed to exploit this growing trend. The HHS provides the grab-and-go, pick-up process with a perfect solution to keep food product and meals hotter, longer and safer, providing better quality and appeal to customers.

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