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60 Spon s or ed Con t en t | The NAFEM Show 2019 Planning Guide Booth #2200 | For more than 90 years, Duke has been providing unique and innovative food service solutions. Duke's global presence offers customized solutions that not only address the unique challenges of your foodservice operation but also optimize and integrate all phases of work…ow from start to †nish. Our booth will showcase solutions that raise pro†ts, increase ROI, drive ef†ciencies and enhance quality. We are focused on providing innovative product solutions; designing our products with your operations and customers in mind. Booth #1241 | Proudly made in America, Dormont has long been synonymous with quality and innovation. This year we are introducing our latest innovation: the state- of-the-art FloPro-MD. Visit the Dormont booth to see demonstrations on how FloPro-MD offers a portable solution to monitor and validate gas pressure, gas …ow and BTU/hour ratings. Dormont is proud to be an American manufacturer that exceeds CSA and ANSI product standards. Visit our booth to learn the value of The Dormont Difference. Booth #823 | Continental Refrigerator prides itself in delivering feature-rich refrigeration equipment solutions designed speci†cally for the commercial foodservice market. Whether it's kitchen ambient, food safety, limited space or storage challenges, our products are packed with …exible options that provide "real" operator bene†ts out of the box. This …exibility enables our customers to modify base product features strategic to the way they operate their kitchen or bar environment. Stop by and check out our latest solutions! PRODUCT PREVIEW DPC38 Duke's DPC38 combines industry-leading holding and storage with advanced ergonomics in a compact footprint for the most optimal modular production system on the market. The DPC's features include; Duke's patented Tri-Channel, providing even cooling across the depth of the unit, Duke's Kool High Ambient refrigerated technology, which exceeds NSF-7 ambient kitchen temperature requirements and fully extendable under counter drawers with capacity to hold 24 1 ⁄ 6 th pans, providing overnight storage solutions. PRODUCT PREVIEW FloPro-MD The FloPro-MD is a smart and connected device that allows you to verify, monitor and troubleshoot potential gas ‹ow related issues at the appliance level. The FloPro-MD communicates real-time information (gas pressure, gas ‹ow and BTU/hour rating) via Bluetooth (BTLE) to any iOS or Android device and allows you to see —rst-hand, potential gas pressure or gas ‹ow issues or to rule-out gas related issues entirely. PRODUCT PREVIEW 100°F Ambient, Refrigerated Pizza Prep Tables Our Pizza Preparation Table with optional Vision Panel Lid offers a unique forced air design utilizing fans (approx. every 12 inches) across the entire back of the unit for even distribution of cold. The refrigerated compartment with door (standard) or drawer (optional) that's uniquely housed above the compressor provides extra storage. There's a raised angle rail for greater ease and comfort and an expansion valve for quick recovery. The built-in, off-cycle defrost timer assures optimum coil defrost. Certi—ed under NSF-7 to maintain temperatures in 86°F ambient and designed to maintain NSF-7 temperatures in 100°F ambient.

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