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58 Spon s or ed Con t en t | The NAFEM Show 2019 Planning Guide Booth #1880 | Bally is a leading manufacturer of walk-in cooler and freezer solutions for the foodservice, scienti€c, warehousing and modular structure industries. With multiple manufacturing facilities and more than 85 years of experience, Bally brings unparalleled bene€ts to our customers. Our standard panel construction, such as a steel reinforced door/frame and diaphragmatic joining system, create an internal and fully interconnected steel cage within all panels, which provide for a lifetime of structural integrity and durability. Combined with innovative and energy saving refrigeration solutions (SmartVap, SmartVap+, SmartSpeed and BQ- "Quiet" technologies) we offer unsurpassed dependability, quality and value for all customers. PRODUCT PREVIEW SmartVap+ Bally's SmartVap+ intuitive evaporator control technology is designed to replace traditional electromechanical refrigeration controls on medium and low temperature applications. Installing an evaporator utilizing the SmartVap+ intuitive evaporator control technology is simple; two pipes, two wires and you're done, no interconnecting control wiring between the evaporator and the condensing unit is required. Bally continues to provide a line of Systems Savings Solutions, designed to reduce environmental impact and energy consumption and increase system ef•ciency. Booth #2423 | Belshaw Adamatic is serious about baking — and about giving bakers a great return on their investment. Our Energy Star-quali€ed rack ovens will boost production with a quick- and-easy touchscreen and shockingly fast heat and recovery times. Our deck ovens assure you of super taste and texture with €ne control to the smallest detail. Plus our convection ovens are exactly what's needed for multipurpose baking and re- heating. Let's talk seriously about your baking needs at The NAFEM Show. Booth #4535 | We have solutions that take the hassle out of counter design and installation. Stop by and let us show you how BSI is the only company to offer a true guard-to-ground solution. From œoor troughs, serving counters, millwork counters, stone fabrication, sinks, chef's tables, food guards, cladding, refrigeration, cold and hot merchandisers, lights, and even signage: It's all under one roof. No longer have the hassles of trying to coordinate with multiple companies, hoping all the pieces get done on time and they all €t. PRODUCT PREVIEW Next Generation Rack Ovens: Fast Heat Recovery, Easy Product Selection Belshaw Adamatic is displaying its innovative new line of Rack Ovens: OVEN-2010 (single) and OVEN-2020 (double). The next-generation ovens feature industry-leading heat and recovery times, simple accurate product selection from a picture menu, and are without the expensive heat exchanger used by other ovens that needs replacement as it ages. Made in the USA, serviced in the USA, and designed to increase bakery operators' return on investment, the new Rack Ovens use fewer BTUs and qualify for Energy Star rebates. PRODUCT PREVIEW New Food Shield BSI debuts the food guard that changes everything. We've changed the industry with ZGuard and we're doing it again. Stop by our booth and see what you have been waiting for: A guard that rede•nes adjustability, usability, and modularity. Additionally, its sleek lines and low pro•le •ts beautifully into any environment.

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