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6 5 CHEFCENTRIC. THE FOCUS IS YOU. CUTLERY | TOOLS | SHARPENING PLATING | STORAGE | APPAREL 800.221.5202 | MERCERCULINARY.COM VISIT US AT BOOTH 2057 Authenticity Expectations There's no doubt about it: Consumers today want and expect the real deal and are savvy enough to know the difference. Educated by the Food Network and legions of celebrity chefs, more consumers are exposed to global cuisines and cultures than ever before: We've become a nation of well-traveled foodies. From college campuses and business dining to •ve-star restaurants and food trucks, an ability to deliver on authenticity is a key to success. That's also true for design, where the selection of furnishes, •xtures and materials help create authentic experiences. In terms of menu, authenticity increasingly drives ingredient sourcing, preparation and presentation. Under this big umbrella •t powerful micro trends like "craft" foods and drinks, locally sourced products and materials, and clean ingredients. No shortcuts or watered down knockoffs allowed. Consumers want it all, and they want it real. Show-Me State of Mind While Missouri may own the nickname The Show-Me State, it's a state of mind that extends to foodservice with exhibition cooking and food "theaters" at the core. Today, there's no hiding behind kitchen doors. The lines between the front of the house and the back of the house are diminishing as more kitchen pieces make their way into dining areas. That can mean literally designing an exhibition area in the middle of a dining space, adding a seating area near the back of a dining space speci•cally to watch a chef or incorporating a peek into a kitchen through a window. That special chef's table inside the kitchen that was popular a few years ago now extends straight into the dining room as those barriers between diner and chef continue to break down. Will those boundaries continue to dissipate? The new challenge lies in creating the theater while hiding the less cinematic pieces. New designs may designate a prep kitchen area that remains out of sight or restaurant designers could follow the high-end home design trend, where wealthy home owners designate a back kitchen for food prep and mess and another open-plan kitchen area set up more for entertaining. Regardless of the approach, all the new views will add a new dimension to the dining experience.

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