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3 a human can, and in perfect shapes), sauce spreading (exact amount every time) and placing pizzas into Zume's 800-degree F ovens (no injuries) in the company's central production facility. Predictive technology guides each day's production, indicating both volume and which types of pizzas will satisfy demand. Customers order online or via mobile app with the nal steps in the pizza process completed in transit in specially designed delivery vehicles, each tted with dozens of automated, smart pizza ovens. Shrinking Footprints The move toward smaller footprints, both front-of-the- house and back-of-the-house, continues. Soaring real estate costs coupled with slowing traf c, a shrinking labor force and rising trends toward off-premise consumption have many foodservice brands downsizing. For designers and speci ers, it's a reality that requires creative problem-solving and a much more strategic approach. It also requires next-gen equipment solutions that are more compact, mobile, self-venting and capable of performing multiple functions with minimal labor in a small footprint. One casual dining chain that recently trimmed its prototype size is Tilted Kilt, moving away from its traditional 8,000- and 10,000-square-foot restaurants to more lean and ef cient 4,800- and 6,500-square-foot models. Kitchens, which comprise 60 percent of total space in legacy units, now comprise 40 percent, according to Logan Reves, chief operating of cer. Careful evaluation of processes, adjacencies and equipment guided the decision- making process of where signi cant ef ciencies could be gained. Tilted Kilt's new prototype, launched in 2018, took the store footprint down from the largest legacy units with 10,000 square feet to a more compact 6,500 or 4,800 square feet. Photo courtesy of Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

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