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corporate dining, is the switch to cooking out front, in action stations, which requires self-contained equipment that delivers on both functionality and aesthetics. The food coming off it obviously has to taste great, but the visuals are important. It can't just look industrial anymore; it has to play a part in creating an inviting experience for diners. What consumer trends do you see having the biggest impact on the industry today? Consumers aren't as interested these days in a three-hour, $200 ne-dining experience. But, they do want really good, chef-developed food. Here on the West Coast, at least, the fast- ne trend is huge now. More chefs are opening fast-casual concepts and need the ability to transition from traditional kitchens to smaller, faster, more nimble kitchens that let them do elevated food quicker and without a big staff; labor is a huge challenge for every segment. Another broad trend is that consumers and chefs alike are really interested in transparency and culinary authenticity. They love to see the tandoor ovens, the wood- red grills and hearth pizza ovens, the traditional types of equipment and smallwares in use. What's new at CIA's Greystone kitchens? Will you look for those types of solutions yourself while at The NAFEM Show? Yes. It's actually a pretty exciting time for us right now. We're about to launch a master plan rebuild of our kitchens. It's still a work in progress, but we should start demolition of some of the spaces in the rst or second quarter of 2019. We've been gifted some fantastic live- re cooking equipment, but there's a lot of ancillary equipment that we'll be looking to add, especially in the "green" category. A big goal is to reduce heat in the kitchens. When you have a 14,000-square-foot kitchen with a bunch of burners and Œattops and you get a couple hundred students in there cooking, the room heats up pretty fast. So how can we achieve the same results but with less radiant heat? And I'm very interested in nding the types of equipment and tools that help us teach and produce authentic, globally inspired foods — the types of pieces that you discover are traditional cooking tools as you travel the world. Gas Plancha T H E W O O D S T O N E Powerful Adjustable temperature range from 150°- 650° F. Versatile Get heat when and where you need it. Consistent Same sear from the same spot. Changing the Way You Cook since 1990 800.988.8103 360.650.1111 Now available in three sizes! Visit us at Booth #1800 at The NAFEM Show 2019 to see our complete Gas Plancha line. Call 800.988.8103 or visit to request a quote or reserve your private gas plancha demo day.

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