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12 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies | The NAFEM Show 2019 Planning Guide One More New Twist In addition to its own booth, NAFEM has one-upped its WHAT'S HOT! WHAT'S COOL! highlights with a What Works! element, which attendees will †nd in four designated Innovation Lounges around the show ‰oor. "We had 64 applications from which 23 products were selected to be included, and each of them is supported with an operator's story or supporting testimonial," says Deirdre Flynn, CFSP, executive director of Chicago-based NAFEM. Here's a list of the 23 featured products in WHAT'S HOT! WHAT'S COOL! What Works! along with a brief explanation as to why NAFEM selected the products and how the various products helped improve an operator's business: FlexPro Burger Smasher, AccuTemp Products Inc. A customized smasher for burgers helped a growing fast-casual restaurant reduce cook times by 15 percent and increase production 20 percent. Vector F Series Multi-Cook Oven, Alto-Shaam Inc. One Alabama restaurant group put four newly innovated ovens to the test and discovered they could do the job of seven convection ovens. Oven 2020, Belshaw Adamatic A centralized production bakery improved slow bake times with this rack oven; baking cycles dropped to 7 minutes from 45 minutes. BakerLux Convection Oven, Cadco Ltd. A Las Vegas brunch destination keeps pace with customer demand with this convection oven that reduced bake times by 30 percent and energy consumption by 20 percent. Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack, Cambro Manufacturing Company Inc. The executive chef of a catering company †nds new racks that prevent pans from sliding and can withstand loads of 50-plus pounds without warping. Crown Verity Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven, Crown Verity Inc. Use of this high-volume outdoor pizza oven helped this restaurant double the customers it serves. DelŽeld SpeciŽcation Line, DelŽeld Company By adding this compact refrigerator with advanced capabilities, a Michigan crepe cafe was able to realize signi†cant savings on its utilities. Duke Modular Production Center, Duke Manufacturing Co. A global ice cream chain reimagined its kitchen setup to deliver fresher food faster. Dedicated kitchen space was cut by 39 percent; employees now travel three-quarters of a mile less per shift. Horizon Elite 2110 Series Ice Machine, Follett LLC Harsh local water conditions meant one Texas c-store operator had to descale his ice machine every six weeks. To solve this ongoing issue, a newly engineered, high-capacity prototype ice machine was designed to run without reverse osmosis or water treatment — and alert the manufacturer when the machine needed to be descaled. The net result is more than $1,200 in annual maintenance savings. SmartServe Blend in a Cup, Hamilton Beach Brands Inc. A global frozen yogurt chain installed self-operated, accessible blending machines in two test locations that allowed users to create personalized yogurt blends. The test locations' year-over- year sales improved by 3 percent. intelliGen Refrigeration and Controller, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration To mitigate the threat of power outages, a grill chain sought to start monitoring refrigeration units with this anytime, anywhere system. As a result, the chain can quickly take action in the event of electrical issues. KMEdge X Ice Machine, Hoshizaki America Inc. A new on-site ice machine eliminated the need for a small ice delivery company to have ice delivered. PrepMate MultiStation, InterMetro Industries Corp. A small Pennsylvania restaurant struggling with limited kitchen space and high customer volume tested a small-footprint, mobile, multifunctional prep station, which ultimately reduced labor and increased productivity. FT1000e Low Energy Series – Flight Type dish machine, ITW Food Equipment Group, Hobart A university in Ohio installed a low-energy ‰ight-type dish machine that an estimate shows will save the operator $28,000 in energy costs over the next 10 years. Photo courtesy of NAFEM

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