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NOV 2018

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Before Underground Food Coective hd two resturnts in Mdison, Wis., nd two reti outets in Minnepois, ong with business producing rtisn cured mets, pickes nd fermented foods, it ws soe invoved in ctering. "We've been in business for 12 ers nd, when we strted our ctering oper- tions, we were seen s groundbreking," ss Jonn Hunter, owner. "No one ws doing wht we were doing with using oc ingredients nd creting sophisti- cted, innovtive nd custom menus." Whether hnding ctering event for sm group or thousnds of peope, successfu ctering hinges on the equipment; if it fis, n entire event cn be ruined. Hunter needs durbe nd reibe equipment, which he ss is hmrk of Vorth products. "I ws chef prior to strting m own business nd strted using Vorth tongs, bins nd pns. I've worked with the compn's equipment more exten- sive over the ers, especi in m ctering business." Becuse Underground Food Coective oers custom, not set, menus, it requires exibi- it with its mobie cooking cpbii- ties. For this re- son, the opertion reies on Vorth's induction cooking nd wrming units. "I'm huge fn of their induction technoog," ss Hunter. "Their Mirge ine is re powerfu for the size s we s ightweight. We do ot of unoding nd oding, so we don't wnt equip- ment tht's hev nd buk." And becuse Vorth's induction equipment is mobie nd es to trns- port nd set up, cterers cn trnsform most n spce into high-functioning kitchen. "Another w we cook is b sous vide, so we use the Vorth Immer- sion Circutor, then finish in pn on the Mirge induction burners. We hve three to four of these sttions set up t time nd cn serve hundreds, mking nthing from stekhouse- quit stek to fu pork oin nd vegetbes." Hving mobie kitch- ens requires food wrm- ing cpbiities, nd Underground Food Coective's ctering opertion reies on Vorth's Mirge induction buet wrmers to hod vriet of dishes t ide tempertures. "The induction wrmers provide precise tempertures, so these units re perfect for hoding prior to the cooking process," ss Hunter. "We even use the wrmers in our resturnt kitchens to hot hod becuse the work so we to keep the food quit consistent," In ddition to its equipment, Hunter utiizes vriet of Vorth's sm- wres products, incuding des, tongs, pns nd storge continers. "I re ike Vorth's des' coor- coded sizing portions, which re esier for ess experienced st to work with," ss Hunter. "We so use tongs gret de, nd becuse its ine doesn't use springs, it sts ot onger." With the extensive trve invoved in ctering, hving pns with secure ids (with Vorth Pn Bnds) is must. "This enbes us to trve without concern for the product quit deteriorting or spis occurring," ss Hunter. "We hven't seen n other sou- tions work s we s Vorth's. It's importnt for us to provide our ctering customers with unique experience, nd we re do need the quit of our equipment to mtch the quit of food we're producing. Vorth is the god stndrd for quit." Ca e Study: Underground Food Colle e The Underground Food Collective utilizes Vollrath's Sous Vide Immersion Circulator for high-volume catering events. VOLLRATH.COM With Vollrath equipment, the Underground Food Collective can ensure its catering events go o without a hitch. The Underground Food Collective's unique operation includes an ever-changing menu that is easily accommodated with Vollrath's Mirage induction cooking and warming units. 52 • SPONSORED CONTENT • NOVEMBER 2018

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