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NOV 2018

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50 • SPONSORED CONTENT • NOVEMBER 2018 Q. What are caterers looking for when it comes to catering equipment? A. Caterers are most concerned with equipment durability. Caterers and chefs are constantly moving their catering equipment to dierent loca- tions. Having dependable and durable equipment will ensure longevity of the equipment and the satisfaction of the caterer. Q. How does today's equipment technology benefit the catering industry? A. Just like the rest of the hospital- ity industry, catering has evolved with the times. Whether that is more unique displays, food trends being exposed or safer ways of holding food, technol- ogy has helped us create safer ways of monitoring food temperature, ensuring that food has remained at a safe temperature while it is being held and transported for an event. Q. What equipment do you oer geared for catering? A. Thermodyne oers a full line of slow cook and hold units that are optimal for catering. With the ability to safely retherm and hold proteins, vegetables, etc. with the Fluidshelf Technology that comes standard in all Thermodyne models, the possibilities/ap- plications for it are endless. Q. What are the benefits? A. Food safety is the big concern. With Thermodyne's Fluidshelf Tech- nology, there is no need to ever be concerned with temperature fluctua- tions. With the Fluid Shelf Technology constantly pushing fresh heated fluid throughout the entire cabinet, it main- tains consistent temperatures. Q. What are the applications? A. Utilizing the cook and hold ap- plication to all proteins creates greater yields. With such a gentle approach to cooking, chefs and caterers alike will not have as much shrinkage as they would with using conventional cook- ing methods. In addition, being able to rethermalize chilled or frozen products, allows less labor of having to bake or steam items then transfer them to a traditional hot box. Q. What problems does it solve for caterers? A. It solves spacing issues for cater- ers. There are few scenarios where you need to use a Thermodyne and another piece of cooking equipment. Allowing people to heat, hold and serve out of the same cabinet allows you to uti- lize it in smaller spaces and not need as much equipment. Also, there is less labor needed, as no one must transfer multiple pans from multiple locations. Q. What should caterers look for when sourcing equipment for their operations? A. Caterers should focus on de- pendability so they don't have to worry if the equipment will hold up from event to event, day to day. Knowing that your equipment is built well and has a great warranty on it to ensure that if for some reason it does fail, the manufacturer will stand behind their product to en- sure that you get what you need. O ece of E nt, Endle e Q&A with Aaron Bremer CEC, Executive Chef, Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc. Thermodyne's slow cook and hold ovens are geared for catering, as proteins, vegetables and other items can be safely rethermalized. The model 1200G gives caterers the benefits of Fluidshelf Technology, which maintains consis- tent temperatures, in a compact unit. TDYNE.COM

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