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NOV 2018

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+185° -40° MultiFresh® MyA works for you 24/7: you can blast-chill, shock freeze, low temperature cook, proof and thaw. A multi-function dedicated system to help catering and banquet facilities work smarter and boost profits! The Leading Manufacturer of Blast Chillers / Shock Freezers in the World. When product loses its freshness and quality, it poses a danger to your guests and your letter grade. contact us: 786-870-5064 Food temperatures hover between +40°F and +140°F, food safety can be compromised by the spread of bacteria, oxidation and evaporation. MultiFresh® MyA has a rapid-chilling process of +37°F at the product's core within 90 minutes straight from the oven, preserving maximum quality, color, aroma, taste and extending shelf life. You'll see more delicate and specific blast-chilling and shock-freezing, which won't harm or dry out foods. Preserve your food quality and letter grade today. NORTH AMERICA

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