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NOV 2018

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A n older building may be replete with charm or in just the right neighborhood for your restaurant's demographic, but it can also present supersized chal- lenges. That's especially true when it comes to the kitchen, where new installations in adaptive reuse projects and even seemingly simple renovations of existing fa- cilities can leave operators months behind schedule and hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget if those challenges aren't under- stood and planned for well before construction begins. In these instances, back of the house absolutely must be top of mind before signing on to an older property. Why? Because the constraints inherent in that property can wind up dictating everything from kitchen place- ment and design to •ow of staff within the space, cooking style and equipment selection. And constraints within the property — not always readily apparent — can quickly turn what on the surface looks like a great opportunity into a major migraine. Ductwork had to be run outside and up to the roof at the historic 1915 building that now houses Ida B's Table. That work added more than $50,000 to the project's cost. The building's •oors had to be reinforced in order to safely hold the high-production kitchen equipment at Ida B's Table. Photos courtesy of Restaurant Consultants Inc.

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