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NOV 2018

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That old ad that stated "Only her hairdresser knows for sure" — meaning whether the hair color was natural or not — easily translates to "Only the chef knows for sure" when referring to premade menu items. Most menus do not advertise the fact that the dishes or the ingredients were pre-prepared. The ongoing assumption by the consumer is that a chef prepares things in the kitchen, from scratch. Ongoing and increasing di•culty in •nding skilled labor for the back of the house, though, has shifted chefs' attitudes toward the use of premade items. The most signi•cant way house-made di•ers from premade is in the labor required to create the dishes. If there is a large, trained sta•, house-made is possible. If not, the use of premade items can save the day. Precut produce requires cooler storage space but can eliminate some washing and prep areas. Premade food items require cooler space if they are sous vide or cook-chill and freezer space if they are frozen. Precut produce saves time, labor and waste. Labor-intensive items, such as chopped onions or lettuce, save prep time and provide a better yield. Prepared soups and side dishes are also avail- able frozen or in cook-chill form. Kitchen sta• only need to heat and serve them, and operators can add their own special ingredients to make them into a signature dish. For instance, they can upscale heat-and-serve asparagus with the addition of asiago cheese and bacon for an elegant side dish. Protein also comes in premade forms, such as chicken with grill marks, sous vide roast beef and precooked bacon, to name a few. House-made menu items require more skilled labor and more equipment than premade since sta• prepare and cook menu items from scratch. Today's chefs often make their own pasta, cure their own meat and make their own pickles and preserves. House-made brings at- tention to the ingredients. Millennials, particularly, want to hear the story behind the food they eat. IMPLICATIONS FOR E&S: PREMADE O Retherming pots and kettles for heating sous vide or cook-chill items O Steam tables O Containers for storing precut produce O Tongs and other handling tools O Thermometers O Ovens for reheating O Fryers for cooking precut french fries and other items, such as shrimp or chicken tenders THE FUTURE IS VENTLESS NOW SERVING: VENTLESS GRILLS, FRYERS & OVENS VentaGrill ™ Ventless Griddle From bacon and eggs, to burgers and steaks, VentaGrill is the perfect solution for any business looking to expand their menu with grilled food options. With a built in ventilation and ANSUL ® Fire Suppression System, VentaGrill allows for tremendous flexibility when determining cooking and service points within your foodservice facility. AutoFry Mini-C ™ Single Serve Fryer Our brand NEW single-serve, double basket countertop model of AutoFry is compact and perfect for businesses looking to promote a made- to-order concept. Just like its counterparts, the AutoFry Mini-C is fully automated and fully enclosed. Equipped with its own ANSUL ® fire suppression system, AutoFry is the safest commercial fryer on the market. MultiChef XL ™ High Speed Oven Our new and improved, MultiChef XL uses a unique combination of convection, rapid air impingement, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times by up to 80%. Using MultiChef XL is simple, regardless of kitchen knowledge level. In just two steps, select one of 80 presets or enter in a manual time, and press start! MultiChef XL will take care of the rest. A U T O F R Y . C O M V E N T A G R I L L . C O M M U L T I C H E F . C O M Motion Technology, Inc. - Your Source For Ventless Kitchen Solutions CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE! Premade Solves Labor Issues

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