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Q4 2018 THE QUARTERLY 25 handled by a professional service company. Consistent daily cleanings will allow for less time consuming monthly cleanings. Loredo recommends the following protocol: • Remove the top and ring grates and clean hot water and soap to remove excessive grease, baked on food spills, rinse and allow to dry. • Once dry, coat the grates lightly with vegetable oil. This will prevent rusting, and heating them slowly after install- ing them later will keep them shiny and slick. • Remove the burner tops, soak in hot soapy water and brush off baked-on debris. • Clear any clogged burner ports at this time, thoroughly dry them and also lightly coat them with cooking oil. • With grates removed, brush crumbs into crumb tray and empty it. Vacuum the rest as necessary. Crumb and grease build ups can create smoke or fire hazards. • Install burners and grates and heat them on a low flame for about 20 minutes so the cooking oil can season them. • Oven racks can be removed and also washed with mild detergent and dried. The oven interior can now be cleaned carefully. Since most interiors are porcelain enamel, use mild de- tergent, wooden or plastic tools to remove heavy food or grease deposits. If an oven has a convection fan, be sure to unplug the range before checking the interior fan for debris. Usually foil gets pulled in and reduces air flow and affects the cooking process. Install racks and allow interior to dry before closing the door. Monthly cleaning should include the following: • Remove oven base plate and clear lint and grease that may be blocking the air intake ports. • Brush away lint accumulating around the knob openings. • For convection ovens, pull the range carefully away from the wall and remove debris from behind. Clear lint accumulation around motor air intake ports. • These extra steps insure the burners have enough oxygen for combustion and the motor runs as cool as possible. Gas Plancha T H E W O O D S T O N E Powerful Adjustable temperature range from 150°- 650° F. Versatile Get heat when and where you need it. Consistent Same sear from the same spot. Changing the Way You Cook since 1990 800.988.8103 360.650.1111 Now available in three sizes! Call 800.988.8103 or visit to request a quote or reserve your private gas plancha demo day. 4-Zone Gas Plancha | 48" 3-Zone Gas Plancha | 36" 2-Zone Gas Plancha | 24"

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