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20 Q4 2018 THE QUARTERLY at 325 degrees F to 350 degrees F," says Thompson. "Your oil will last longer, which could result in lower operating costs." Faulty thermostats need attention, since they will set off a fryer's high-limit sensor. If the fryer temperature exceeds 400 degrees F and the thermostat is not working, the high-limit sensor will shut down the fryer. If both the thermostat and high-limit sensor are not operable, this can cause a fire. Thompson also recommends using vat covers when fryers are off. "Light and heat will darken the oil, requir- ing more frequent filtering or oil replacement, which increases costs," he says. Cabinet rust represents another potential indication that a fryer is nearing the end of its service life. This typically occurs when fryer surfaces have regular contact with water. Because costs are high to tear down and replace major fryer parts, a se- verely rusted fryer will most likely need replacing. Finally, if temperature recovery time is getting significantly longer, this also may be a good indication that a fryer is reaching the end of its service life. See our extensive cooking equipment line: NAFEM Booth 1257 The 70% gas eciency barrier? ROYAL BROKE IT! They said it couldn't be done, but the engineers at Royal have broken through the 70% eciency barrier for gas equipment with the RHEF-75 fryer. The RHEF fryer series' unique heat retention and recovery system provides superior recovery and maximum production output. * Data Reference: FSTC, • t 72% ecient * t Zero recovery time – an industry milestone! t 129 lbs per hour production capacity t "XBSEXJOOJOHFOHJOFFSJOH t ZFBSQSPSBUFEUBOLXBSSBOUZ t .BEFJOUIF64" t 0QUJPOBMGJMUFSBWBJMBCMF Learn more about the many options available: QBVM!3PZBM3BOHFTDPN 5PMMGSFF GFEN AWARD

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