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prepared with it," says Hall. "In that case, it's necessary to have separate tanks, so a split tank fryer will fit in a single footprint but accommodate two types of products without contaminating the oil." Because it's important to keep fryer oil as clean as possible for the highest product quality, the filtering pro- cesses should operate when and how they're supposed to. Clevenger specifies fryer covers to cover tanks, but these don't often get used. "Fryer placement is critical," says Hall. "This equipment cannot be located by open burners or broilers without a 12-inch spreader in between to protect from splattered oil." Cleaning & Maintenance Considerations Fryers show a number of signs when they reach the end of their service life. The main indication: a leaking tank or well. Look for hardened oil beneath the fryer and behind the unit's door. Carbon build up will not only cause leaks, but it will also impact the fryer's productivity and can be a fire hazard. While most fryer components, such as the thermo- stat, can be inexpensive to replace, vats or tanks are cost prohibitive to install. Oil quality and regular filtering or replacement of oil is very important when using a fryer in terms of product quality. "However, it's the fry pot life that usually dictates its service life," says Don Thompson, service technician for Baltimore-based EMR. "That's seven to 10 years." If it takes longer for a fryer to heat to a ready tem- perature or it has difficulty maintaining that temperature during normal use, it should be serviced. "Visual inspec- tion of the fry pot should include looking for signs of oil leaks or anything that affects frame integrity, such as rust, dented sides or bent supports," says Thompson. Cooking at too high a temperature also can compro- mise the unit. "Just because the thermostat can be turned up to 375 degrees F, satisfactory results can be achieved THE FUTURE IS VENTLESS NOW SERVING: VENTLESS GRILLS, FRYERS & OVENS VentaGrill ™ Ventless Griddle From bacon and eggs, to burgers and steaks, VentaGrill is the perfect solution for any business looking to expand their menu with grilled food options. With a built in ventilation and ANSUL ® Fire Suppression System, VentaGrill allows for tremendous flexibility when determining cooking and service points within your foodservice facility. AutoFry Mini-C ™ Single Serve Fryer Our brand NEW single-serve, double basket countertop model of AutoFry is compact and perfect for businesses looking to promote a made- to-order concept. Just like its counterparts, the AutoFry Mini-C is fully automated and fully enclosed. Equipped with its own ANSUL ® fire suppression system, AutoFry is the safest commercial fryer on the market. MultiChef XL ™ High Speed Oven Our new and improved, MultiChef XL uses a unique combination of convection, rapid air impingement, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times by up to 80%. Using MultiChef XL is simple, regardless of kitchen knowledge level. In just two steps, select one of 80 presets or enter in a manual time, and press start! MultiChef XL will take care of the rest. A U T O F R Y . C O M V E N T A G R I L L . C O M M U L T I C H E F . C O M Motion Technology, Inc. - Your Source For Ventless Kitchen Solutions CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE!

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