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16 Q4 2018 THE QUARTERLY Fryers Foodservice operators can choose from a variety of fryer types and styles, from models geared for general use to multi-purpose and specialty units. Donut fryers of- fer a shallow cooking depth, while deep vat units can cook items like fries and chicken. Flat bottom fryers can accommodate floating products, like fish and seafood, while operators commonly use larger conveyor units for production line frying as in a doughnut shop. Operators can place their fryers in a battery configuration, where five or six fryers sit side by side, and employ a single, central filtration system. Operators can choose from gas, electric, infrared and induction-heated fryers. Countertop and floor models are available, too. Fryer wells come in a variety of widths, from 11 to 34 inches and depths of up to 34 inches. Manufac- turers generally measure tank capacities by pounds or the maximum oil volume. Operations with limited footprints and low-volume frying needs can utilize ventless counter- top fryers, which offer 2- and 3-pound capacities. High-volume operations typically utilize pressure fryers, which cook food with a combination of hot oil and steam. Cooking under pressure raises the boiling temper- ature of the product's juices without boiling it. This can re- sult in a juicier product that's less greasy when compared to other frying methods. Also, because there is no flavor transfer be- tween foods, these units can simulta- neously prepare a variety of items, like fish and fries. Operators can choose from three basic fryer configura- tions. Open pot designs with heating elements on the tanks' exterior, a popular choice for preparing fries,

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