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OCT 2018

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32 • SPONSORED CONTENT • OCTOBER 2018 Foodservice equipment has taken on a unique spin to better accommodate today's more creative and diverse restaurant menus and smaller commercial kitchens. Consequently, instead of purchasing multiple pieces of equipment, it is possible to ac- complish more with less. Although referred to as pizza ovens, deck, conveyor and wood- fired ovens can prepare a variety of other foods. For example, conveyor ovens are commonly used for bread, cookies, hot sub sandwiches and meat. And along with deep dish pizza, deck ovens bake a variety of items. Wood- fired ovens can impart a smoky flavor when roasting meats, while grill racks can be used for cook- ing beef, chicken, pork and fish. When used with cast iron cook- ware, pizza ovens can sear steak, cook crab cakes or shellfish and roast vegetables. One of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the back of house, combi ovens are most often used as a finishing oven, for cook/chill and also for re- thermalizing. Yet in recent years, combi ovens have replaced rotisseries for faster production speed, enhanced food quality and extended shelf life benefits. Griddles are the popular choice for cooking eggs, sausage links or patties, bacon, chicken and burgers. But t his equipment also can take the place of toast- ers, charbroilers and microwaves to toast buns, heat tortillas and keep beef warm for tacos. Tilting skillets are often designated for cooking soup; stews; chili; rice; pasta; and sauces. However, these units can replace range tops, be used for pan frying and function as braisers. They also can replace a griddle. And when used in conjunction with a steam pan in- sert, steam vegetables, seafood and other items. In addition, skillets can serve as a warmer to thaw frozen items or as a chilling station with ice. Manufacturers are solving unique issues as you'll see on the following pages. UNIQUE USES Foodservice Equipment FOR

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