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OCT 2018

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24 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • OCTOBER 2018 The Restaurant: Sable Kitchen & Bar in Chicago The Chef: Amber Lancaster The Dish: Sweet Corn Raviolo Presentation Notes: Lancaster serves her homemade ravioli creation in the center of a round, white plate with 1/2-inch deep sides for a more geometric twist on the once ubiquitous coupe plate. She makes the dish using her own pasta dough and, instead of smaller pieces, stuffs two giant dumplings with fresh corn, ricotta and goat cheese before topping it all with basil, truffle and brown butter. Photo courtesy of Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants The Restaurant: Biella Ristorante in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla. The Chef: Jorge Cabrera The Dish: Spaghetti alla ruota Presentation Notes: A decadent tableside preparation, the spaghetti alla ruota is the latest dish to join the menu at Biella. First, a whole block of Parmesan cheese is split in half and its surface is set on fire to lightly melt the first layer. Next, Cabrera throws a pan of house-made spaghetti with pancetta on top of the cheese, carefully mixing the ingredients on the warm surface of the wheel until it catches the robust flavors of Par- mesan. The spaghetti is then plated in a classic white bowl, along with the scrapings of the crusty surface of the cheese and a garnish of truffle oil and fresh parsley. Placing a mound of wound pasta in the middle of the white bowl's deep well creates visual intrigue for the diner. Photo courtesy of Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants The Restaurant: Kuro in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla. The Chef: Alex Becker The Dish: The Japanese Wagyu Hot Stone Ishiyaki Presentation Notes: Staff grill aged Wagyu beef and vegetables over Japanese binchotan (white charcoal) and serve the food atop a mixed-material platter combin- ing two types of glazed ceramics that create different compartment- like spaces on the vessel. Photo by Michael Pisarri The Restaurant: El Che Bar in Chicago The Chef: John Manion The Dish: Parrillada Presentation Notes: One of national dishes of Argentina, the parril- lada takes its name from the simple iron grill barbecue, a parrilla, found prevalently throughout the country. Meant for family-style sharing and tasting, Manion compiles this summer parrillada using spicy chorizo verde and morcilla sausages, tender sweetbreads, decadent bone marrow and asado-style flank steak. Smoked salt, salsa criolla made of pickled chili peppers, onions and tomatoes and homemade chimichurri make up the accoutrements. A rustic menu item like this deserves a rustic presentation, and it gets one courtesy of the oval-shaped wooden serving vessel that showcases the meats, vegetables and sauces in a sophisticated yet approachable manner. Photo Courtesy of Chicago Food CoOp Pasta Staging Meat Exhibition Sable Kitchen & Bar Kuro Biella Ristorante El Che Bar

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