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50 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • SEPTEMBER 2018 functional by design Bars By Dana Tanyeri F ood may have the big name-making potential, but any restaurant operator will tell you that when it comes to adding energy and boosting profitability, the bar is the star. Markups and margins on liquor are expo- nentially better than those on food. What's more, liquor isn't perishable, and a tight team in a relatively small amount of space can run a highly profitable bar. Having rock-star bartenders helps, but the physical design of the space and what sits within it have a lot to do with an operator's potential to maximize bar sales and profits. Smaller footprints demand sharper focus on efficiency. Taking an industrial engineering approach helps to ensure individual bartenders have everything they need — from bottles and taps to shakers, glassware and garnishes — within easy reach to serve the most drinks in the least time. In a busy bar, seconds matter, notes Chris Adams, principal at Ellis Adams Group, a hospitality consulting, operations, branding and design firm based in Los Angeles. "This business is all about basic math," he says. "The more drinks that go out, the more money that comes in. If your bar is poorly designed, you inevitably leave money on the table because bartenders can't move fast enough." As in the kitchen, where the classic precept of mise en place helps to ensure efficiency, Adam suggests the goal should be to put everything a bartender needs to The bar at VASO, a new rooftop restaurant and bar atop the AC Columbus Dublin Hotel in Dublin, Ohio, features multiple cockpit-style bartender stations to create efficiency and streamline service. Photo courtesy of AC Columbus Dublin Hotel

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