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AUG 2018

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62 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • AUGUST 2018 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h approaches to rehabilita- tion and applying — or translating — research in real time. Patients can see each other and their activ- ity. This approach helps patients gain more function, achieve better outcomes, and enjoy greater ability and independence. As an extension of AbilityLab's emphasis on ability and healing over disability, the hospital's design serves as inspiration to patients and staff. Upon entering on the ground floor, patients, visitors and staff take elevators to the build- ing's sky lobby on level 10. Level 9 contains mechanical space, and the floors below hold parking spaces. Foodservice primarily resides on the 12th floor and includes a production kitchen that produces patient meals using a hybrid pod and room service methodology. "The 12th floor foodservice location provides amazing views to Lake Michigan because the design team worked hard to ensure unobstructed views," says Connie Dickson, FCSI, design principal, Rippe Associates, Minneapolis. "In most kitchens, we strive for good internal sightlines by locat- ing tall equipment to the exterior walls. In this project, we pulled high equipment inboard and located lower work counters along the exterior. Exterior window walls required the design team to develop special construction details for fabricated work coun- ters with sinks to ensure that the heating system would protect plumbing along exterior walls from cold winter temperatures." A retail serving area features multiple food concept sta- tions and a dining room. The 10th-floor lobby level consists of a small catering pantry , which services the 10th-floor conference spaces, and Argo Tea, a licensed cafe. Argo Tea Inc.'s Mark Cuellar, AIA, VP of design, experience and store development, designed the Argo Tea space. "Patient and retail foodservice provide a means to bring people together, provide respite and enhance healing," says Katie Hartoin, RD, LDN, director, Food and Nutrition Services, Morrison Healthcare, which serves as the center's foodservice provider. The foodservice location on the 12th floor includes high windows allowing in natural light to help boost morale for customers and staff. "Everyone feels this is part of a new era in healthcare dining and production," says Armando Serrano, Morrison Healthcare chef. Production Flow Deliveries arrive on the ground floor. Staff transport the food items to the 12th-floor kitchen in service elevators. Stor- age includes four walk-in coolers and a walk-in freezer for patient foodservice production, plus another walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer for catering and cafe production. In Equipment Key 1. Iced tea brewer 2. Coffee brewer 3. Ice maker 4. Ice dispenser w/soda heads 4a. Juice dispenser 5. Beverage counter w/sink 5a. Hot food counter 5b. Cook's prep counter 5c. Work counter w/sink and overshelf 6. Hand sink 6a. Pot and pan sink w/agitator 6b. Mobile soak sink 7. Patient tray delivery cart 7a. Utility cart 7b. Catering cart 7c. Receiving cart 8. Base rack 8a. Dome rack 8b. Blast-chiller rack 8c. Mobile rack 8d. Dunnage rack 9. Hose bibb 9a. Hose station 9b. Hose reel 10. Mobile air screen refrigerator 10a. Reach-in freezer 10b. Undercounter freezer 10c. Undercounter refrigerator 10d. Reach-in refrigerator 10e. Walk-in refrigerator/ freezer complex 10f. Refrigeration system coil 10g. Freezer system coil 11. Dry storage shelving 11a. Pan storage shelving 11b. Dry storage shelving w/linen rod 11c. Refrigerator/freezer shelving 12. Power pole 13. Worktable 13a. Refrigerated prep table 14. Base heater 14a. Base-heater stand 15. Conveyor toaster 15a. Accelerated oven 15b. Conveyor pizza oven 15c. Convection oven 16. Mobile equipment stand for conveyor toaster 17. Heated-plate dispenser 17a. Tray dispenser 18. Printer 19. Hot-food well 20. Heat lamp 21. Mobile warming and proofing cabinet 21a. Mobile proofing cabinet 21b. Ice cream cabinet 22. Ventilation demand control system 22a. Exhaust hood 23. Stainless steel wall panel 24. Boilerless steamer 25. Fryer w/filter 25a. Dump station 26. Range w/convection oven 26a. Range w/oven 27. Grill and charbroiler w/refrigerated base 27a. Grill and charbroiler w/oven 28. Fire protection system 29. 6-gal. kettle w/stand 29a. 12-gal. kettle 29b. 25-gal. kettle 29c. Kettle filler 30. Floor grate and frame 31. 40-gal. tilting fry pan 32. Trash container 33. Disposer 33a. Spray rinse 34. Food processor 35. Slicer 35a. Mobile equipment stand for slicer 36. Blender 37. 60-qt. mixer 37a. 20-qt. mixer 37b. Mobile equipment stand for mixer 38. Mobile ingredient bin 38a. Ice bin 39. Trench drain 40. Water filtration system 42. Flight-type dish machine 42. Cart wash wall panel A mirrored plexiglass panel above the pro- tector shelf glass pro- vides a view of menu items for cafe guests in wheelchairs.

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