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DEC 2017

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20 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • DECEMBER 2017 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h T he headquarters of Zurich North America in Schaumburg, Ill., (a northwest suburb of Chicago) serves as home base to approximately 3,000 employ- ees and contractors. Zurich North America provides business insurance, including workers' compensation, liability and property insurance for construction companies, auto dealers and technology firms, among others. The 783,800-square-foot building earned LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The project began in April 2014, and the building opened in October 2016. Zurich Café and the dining atrium contribute significantly to Zurich North America's 83 percent employee satisfaction rate with the new facility. "We're extremely pleased with par- ticipation, which is more than 30 percent of the population on a daily basis," says David Yanda, general manager. "Every day, each station offers a new daily special so customers always find something new in the cafe." "We conducted a series of employee focus groups to identify the types of foodservices employees patronize when they aren't at the Zurich facility," says Theodore Farrand, FCSI, FMP, director of MAS and project executive for Washington, D.C.-based Cini-Little Foodservice Design Consultants. " Perceived value was at the top of the list, fol- lowed by a high level of interest in quality food offerings. We determined that if the new facility/operation concentrated on these factors, our design could achieve the project goal of the client's anticipated participation rate of 40 percent to 50 percent." Low Ceiling in the Serving Area Farrand and his colleagues, including Armand Iaia, FCSI, regional manager and project manager, used Building Infor- mation Modeling (BIM) to coordinate between foodservice design and other members of the design team. Due to the grading of the property, the dining area, kitchen and servery are below grade, with the dining area situated so its windows and doors open to a prominent walk-out patio. The dining area also opens to the lobby above. As a result, the ceiling height in the serving area was lower than is typically desirable, which put limits on the placement of hoods and ductwork. "This required careful coordination with the mechani- cal, electrical and plumbing [MEP] trades as well as with the architectural team to get these items fitted in as we required," Iaia says. "The lower ceiling height in the servery and kitch- en resulted in conflicts between foodservice and mechanical installations such as plumbing and HVAC ducts. A number of walk-ins and exhaust hoods ended up being designed with custom heights atypical of normal construction to allow space for these utilities. Had these conflicts been discovered in the field during construction instead of preemptively, costs to field-modify or replace large equipment could have caused severe budgetary overruns." Equipment Key 1. Plastic shelving unit 1a. Two-tier wall shelf 1b. Overshelf 1c. Wall-mounted overshelf rack 1d. Drop-in heated shelf 2. Walk-in cooler 2a. Evaporator coil 2b. Cook's cooler 2c. Blast chiller/freezer 2d. Reach-in refrigerator 2e. Worktop freezer 2f. Reach-in freezer 2g. Undercounter refrigerator 2h. Undercounter freezer 2i. Beverage walk-in cooler 2j. Air-cooled condenser unit 3. Air curtain 4. Mobile utility rack 4a. Dunnage rack 4b. Pot rack 4c. Pot and utensil rack 4d. Oven tool hanger 4e. Flatware container rack 4f. Wall-mounted bread rack 5. Corner guard 6. Bag-in-box concentrate system 7. Mop sink 7a. Hand sink 7b. Three-compartment sink 7c. Prerinse sink 8. Janitor's sink faucet and air gap 9. Worktable w/sink 9a. Worktable 9b. Mobile worktable 9c. Refrigerated pizza table 9d. Mobile utility table 10. Trash receptacle 11. Slicer 11a. Equipment stand for slicer 11b. Meat slicer 12. Planetary 20-qt. mixer 12a. Equipment stand for mixer 13. Floor trough 13a. Anti-splash drain trough 14. Ice bin for ice machines 15. Ice cuber 15a. Ice machine, nugget type 16. Water filter assembly 16a. Water filter 17. Vegetable dryer 18. Ingredient bin 19. Refrigerated worktop 19a. Refrigerated sandwich unit 20. Food processor 21. Blender 22. Back counter w/sink 22a. Back counter 22b. Artisan serving counter 22c. Grill counter 22d. Local counter 22e. Hand-crafted deli counter 22f. Salad bar counter 22g. Island counter w/sink and bain marie 22h. Beverage counter 22i. Cashier counter 23. Coffee brewer 23a. Tea brewer 24. Exhaust hood 24a. Ventilation system 24b. Condensate hood 25. Convection steamer 26. Spreader plate 26a. Spreader cabinet 27. 36-inch, four-open-burner range 27a. Wok range 27b. 30-inch plancha 28. Charbroiler 28a. Equipment stand, refrigerated base 29. Double-deck convection oven 29a. Fire-deck oven 29b. Combi oven 29c. Microwave convection oven 30. Security unit 31. Fryer battery 31a. Fryer 32. Dump station 33. 12-gallon tabletop kettle 33a. Equipment stand for kettle 33b. 60-gallon tilting kettle 34. Tilting skillet 35. Fire suppression system 36. Soiled dish table 36a. Dish table 37. Disposer 38. Open hose reel 39. Dishwasher 39a. Booster heater 40. Mobile enclosed cabinet 40a. Heated cabinet, half-height 41. Pasta cooker 42. Cooking suite 43. Heat lamp 44. Food shield 45. Hot/cold drop-in well 45a. Cold food well unit, drop-in, refrigerated 45b. Drop-in cold food pan 45c. Crop-in hot well 46. Countertop griddle 47. Rice cooker 48. Panini grill 49. Mobile dish dispenser 50. Cutting board 51. Air-screen merchandiser 51a. Drop-in refrigerated merchandiser 51b. Drop-in nonrefrigerated merchandiser 52. Bain marie heater 53. Dish cart 54. Soda, ice and beverage dispenser 55. Disposable cup dispenser 56. Tea dispenser 56a. Coffee dispenser 57. POS scale 57a. POS/cash register

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