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OCT 2017

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salted caramel offerings. "You can't stay still in this business or you won't survive," says Serruya. While the frozen yogurt segment appears to be slowing down, Yogen Früz continues to expand its market to include countries where dessert is still a novelty. This includes such markets as Africa, South America and the Middle East. With the exception of 5 Toronto locations, franchisees run all of Yogen Früz's more than 1,400 stores. It has sites in 53 countries. "If we add up all our ice cream and frozen yogurt brands, there are just under 2,300 locations, which includes Swenson's ice cream stores," says Serruya. The concept takes many different forms, from 100-square-foot kiosks to 150- to 400-square-foot inline locations to 800- to 1,500-square-foot standalone sites. Seat- ing ranges from 0 in the kiosks to 30 seats. Surprisingly, its strongest selling month is December in colder climates. The chain offers low-fat, nonfat and sugar-free yogurt options blended with locally sourced fruit and a variety of other toppings. "Thailand hadn't seen frozen yogurt, but we incorporated lychee, a local fruit, and it became our number one flavor there," says Serruya. "Adapting to the market and understanding a country's culture is key." There are between 15 and 20 signature flavors, includ- ing strawberry cheesecake, a best-seller that includes real cheesecake topped with strawberries. Up to 100 flavors can be created from one machine. Yogen Früz's yogurt is frozen in portion-controlled bars that are pre-weighed and individually wrapped. Staff rips open the paper, then tosses the bar in the yogurt machine along with frozen fruit to be mixed, dispensed and served. Equipment consists of two- and three-door standup refrigerators and freezers, a refrigerated sandwich table, a refrigerated cabinet for fruit and a blender for producing shakes and smoothies. There's also a section for making waffle cones and Hong Kong waffles. The chain added the latter about 25 years ago and it includes fruit, chocolate chips and other ingredients within the waffle. Yogen Früz has also created an app for customers to pay and collect points for free yogurt and relies on Instagram to create brand ambassadors, who are mainly Millennials. "We're very in tune with digital media, and we're watching new and up-and-coming concepts get great traction," says Serruya. "We learn from both old and new players."FE&S At home, at the beach or anywhere in between, Stoelting makes managing your business easy. Get maintenance alerts, check supply levels, see how many treats your team has prepared and more. F231-2X GrAvity SoFt Serve Freezer Discover how at or call 1-800-319-9549 for our White Glove Service Network.

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