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OCT 2017

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OCTOBER 2017 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 71 the board dining and retail operations. "Because the main kitchen is on the lower level of the building, all platforms and the retail operations have to be adequately equipped to be self-sustaining during peak meal times," Pollock says. "Satellite exhibition cooking platforms were strategically distributed throughout the different levels of the dining facil- ity to draw students into the center of the dining activity," Faulkinberry says. "Creating individualized and unique dining microen- vironments was key to pulling students to all dining areas, especially at the second level, which brought challenges in creating platform identity. We had limited back wall space to feature an enticing backdrop to the program as well as limited soffit and ceiling options. We provided hood features where we could create a special pop of color to capture the essence of varied food choices." All platforms contain cold and dry storage space, work counters and sinks, which support staff as they move around the production spaces. "All the service counters are custom- designed to seamlessly surround foodservice equipment," Midden says. "The various shapes and materials on the counters naturally grew from the floor plan, with careful consideration to queuing and circulation while creating interesting shapes." Selected materials — stainless steel, quartz stone tops and organic counter facades — contain durability, functionality and sustainability. "Each food platform, with its individual location, is designed uniquely to tell a dynamic story about the different food offerings," Midden says. Food Platforms The most popular restaurant platform on the first level is Spike's. Staff use a six-burner range and a three-burner range, a griddle and a countertop radiant broiler for made-to-order omelets and other hot breakfast items. A double-stacked convection oven cooks meat while three fryers produce french fries. At lunch and dinner, this platform features American comfort foods such as burgers and fries, meatloaf, chicken pot pies and regional items such as Cajun and Tex-Mex dishes. The platform 360 Degrees features a Mongolian grill, fryers and rice cookers that support staff production of rotating menu items each week. From week to week the platform features Mongolian meats, beef, chicken, seafood, a fajita bar, pho menu items, super foods such as quinoa and couscous and nutrient- rich foods such as beans, kale, lean proteins and vegetables. The mesh drapery, in gold and silver, defines the circular design at 360 Degrees on the first dining level, while adding a transparent layer effect at the exposed hoods. Zagriculture offers an all-vegan menu featuring sustain- able, seasonal foods as well as produce from the greenhouse. This platform's equipment package includes a combination range, cooler and refrigerator, a griddle and several hot and cold wells. In the morning, the platform offers oatmeal and a fruit bar and, at lunch, vegan entrees and a vegan salad bar. "We're using all fresh ingredients," Morisette says. The vegetarian-centered and allergy-free menu options include seasonal produce from the rooftop hydroponic greenhouse. Daily Bread serves as a bakery and deli featuring equip- ment including conveyor toasters, double convection ovens and a proofer. In the morning, the platform showcases house- baked goods, pastries, cinnamon rolls and muffins. At lunch and dinner, the platform features made-to-order sandwiches on house-made bread and scratch-made soups. A carvery fea- tures meats carved by staff. Customers also come to the station for desserts and popular manufacturer-made frozen cookies. Retail operations on the first level include Starbucks, Mar- ketplace and Einstein Bros. Bagels. The Starbucks equipment package includes beverage-making equipment and display cas- es. Marketplace contains many display cases featuring soups, sandwiches, salads and sushi, all using local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. This area also includes gluten-free, dairy-free, or- ganic and GMO-free products along with convenience items such as candy, gum and chips. Einstein Bros. Bagels includes coffee- and tea-making equipment, a double convection oven, a rapid-cook oven, a countertop warmer and display cases. On the second floor, Mediterranean Coast features a prep area where staff cut presheeted pizza dough, dress it with

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