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OCT 2017

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64 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • OCTOBER 2017 facility design p r o j e c t o f t h e m o n t h A - Seating B - The Bulldog C - World's Fare D - Mediterranean Coast E - Beverages F - Dish Drop More seating and meeting space A A A A A B C D E F World's Fare Mediterranean Coast Beverages The Bulldog 2 4 3 1 6 4 4 20 70 30 44 52 52 36 32 28 32 65 69 68 32 44 66 67 48 12 56 32 48 12 31 25 49 30 28 32 48 12 48 49 47 44 55 4b 2b 41 19 2b 4b 20 32 44 49 64 60 32 56 30 49 46 48 12 8b 12 48 55 34 12 12 25 49 32 65 12 49 32 17c 17d 30b 26d 26b 11b 26b 11a 27b 11m 26d 27c 21e 26L 13j 11b 30a 16f 16c 51a 38c 22b 50c 60b 25 16c 21b 60a 52a 26d 11g 31 31a 27b 35b 35c 21b 35c 21e 14a 28a 26d 22f 59 21e 26a 27a 16e 21a 26a 27a 16e 63b 21a 16c 17e 13e 31a 58b 35b 30b 27d 13e 26i 30a 36f 26i 31a 27b 27b 11h 26i 35b 26i 26i 27c 17d 17e 17c 13b 13i 36g 32a 32a 32 32 32a 16d 11j 22e 26i 13e 21b 31 31a 16c 22a 58b 51a 13f 26i 25 20 8a 41 32 41 16c 21b 30a 30b 17e 13b 17c 27b 2b 48 26i 48 17e 47 32 32 48 31 50 32 32 32 36h 1 3 2 38c 26d 22b 27e 16f 21e 21b 16c 25 13 Level 2 Servery Equipment Key 1. Millwork 2. Ice maker 2a. Ice maker w/out bin 2b. Undercounter ice maker 3. Ice storage bin 3a. Mobile ingredient bins 4. Water filtration system 4a. Water pre-filtration system 4b. Water filtration units 5. Refrigerated/dry display case 5a. Bagel case 5b. Refrigerated display case 6. Cash registers 7. Printers 8. Cashier counter 8a. Mobile condiment counter 8b. Concealed frost tops 9. Airpots 10. Espresso machines 10a. Automatic espresso 11. Undercounter refrigerator 11a. Walk-in refrigerator 11b. Blower coil 11c. Walk-in freezer 11d. Work-top refrigerator 11e. Refrigerator display doors 11f. Freezer display doors 11g. Refrigerated base 11h. Two-door roll-in refrigerator 11i. Undercounter freezer 11j. One-door roll-in refrigerator 11k. Two-door roll-in freezer 11l. Countertop refrigerator 11m. One-door roll-in freezer 12. Food shield 13. Work counter 13a. Work counter w/utensil sink 13b. Beverage counter 13c. POS counter 13d. Service counter w/ hand sink 13e. Work counter w/prep sink 13f. Service counter 13g. Service counter w/hand sink and prep sink 13h. Work counter w/hand sink, soap and towel dispenser 13i. Recycle and trash counter 13i. Back bar countertop 14. Drop-in ice station 15. Jockey station 16. Faucet 16a. Hand-metered faucet 16b. Glass filler faucet 16c. Hand sink faucet 16d. Deck-mounted faucet 16e. Janitor's sink faucet w/ vacuum breaker 16f. Splash-mounted faucet 16g. Pot filler faucet 17. Hot water dispenser 17a. Coffee server 17b. Iced tea urns 17c. Beverage dispenser 17d. Tea dispensers 17e. Juice dispensers 17f. Milk dispensers 17g. Cereal dispensers 18. Water heater 19. Coffee brewer 19a. Coffee maker 20. Cup dispenser 20a. Disposable lid dispenser 20b. In-counter disposable cup dispenser 20c. In-counter disposable bowl dispenser 21. Three-compartment sink assembly and hand sink 21a. Janitor's mop sink 21b. Hand sink 21c. Dump sink cabinet 21d. Drop-in dump/hand sink 21e. Three-compartment sink assembly 21f. Mobile soak sinks 21g. Janitor's sink faucet w/ vacuum breaker 22. Oven 22a. Double convection oven 22b. Rapid-cook oven 22c. Microwave oven 22d. Conveyor toaster 22e. Rotisserie oven w/heated cabinet base 22f. Pizza oven 23. Coffee grinder 24. Water softener system 25. Soap and towel dispenser 26. Dry storage shelving 26a. Chemical wall shelf 26b. Refrigerator shelving units 26c. Freezer shelving units 26d. Wall shelf 26e. Sandwich shelf 26f. Retail shelving 26g. Gondola shelving 26h. Produce display shelf 26i. Drop-in heated shelves 26j. Overhead sloped shelf 26k. Tubular rack storage shelf 26l. Keg storage shelving unit 27. Bake rack 27a. Janitor's mop rack 27b. Mobile tray rack 27c. Utensil rack 27d. Pizza paddle hooks 27e. Pizza rack 28. Floor trough 28a. Drip trough 29. Bulk CO2 and soda system 30. Fire protection system 31a. Class K fire extinguisher 31b. Fire pull box 31. Exhaust hood 31a. Hood trim and closure panels 32. Trash receptacle 32a. Recycling receptacles 33. Condiment unit 33a. Mobile condiment station 34. Gate 35. Coffee cabinet 35a. Modular holding cabinet 35b. Undercounter heated hold- ing cabinets 35c. Drain board cabinets 36. Worktable w/sink 36a. Display table 36b. Display table/nesting style 36c. Island baker's table w/ wood top 36d. Mobile worktables 36e. Conveyor table 36f. Mobile worktable w/ wood top 36g. Dish drop table 36h. Steam table 37. Countertop warmer 38. Refrigerated sandwich prep table 38a. Prep table w/removable cutting board 38b. Sandwich prep table 38c. Pizza prep table 39. Food slicer 39a. Slicer cabinet 40. Digital menu system 41. Dry topping pan 41a. Drop-in cold pans 42. Soup wells w/lids 43. S/s trim 44. AV console 45. Rice cookers 46. Heated transport cart 46a. Mobile work carts 46b. Ice transport cart 47. Drop-in cold units 47a. Drop-in hot/cold units 48. Heat lamps 49. Mobile dish dollies 50. Fire and ice saute range 50a. Wok ranges 50b. Countertop six-open- burner range 50c. Countertop four-open- burner range 51. Griddle w/cabinet base 51a. Countertop griddle 52. Fryer assembly 52a. Fryer dump stations w/ heat lamps 53. Mongolian grill 54. 208-volt convenience outlet 55. Undercounter induction cooktops 56. Cutting board 57. Proofer/retarder 58. Equipment stands 58a. Mobile stand 58b. Refrigerated stand 59. Control panel 60. Countertop radiant broiler 60a. Countertop broiler 60b. Salamander 61. Vertical accumulator conveyor 61a. Bussing conveyor 62. Pulper 63. Flight-type dish machine w/booster heater 63a. Vent bowl risers 63b. Undercounter dish machine 64. Countertop convection steamer 65. Countertop spreader 66. Soda gun 67. Bar top and die 68. Paging system 69. Beer system 70. Beer tower John J Hemmingson Center Floorplan

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