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OCT 2017

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Blodgett – 1060 Double Blodgett For a heavy-duty, high-volume, fast- recovery pizza oven, look no further than the Blodgett 1048 and 1060 ovens featuring bottom air intake. Our precision engineered heat transfer system ensures a perfectly cooked pizza time after time. The 10" high door opening spans the entire cavity width, allowing for complete access to the deck, and dual-spring counterbalanced doors are strong enough to withstand rigorous use. For more information: (802) 658-6600 Marsal - CT302 Marsal Pizza Ovens The new Marsal CT301 and CT302 electric countertop ovens bake perfect pizza in a small space. Each oven cavity has an independent thermostat and timer and two baking compartments. The 3.875" high decks have 0.625" thick Quick Heat Technology stone decks for crispy crust. The Marsal countertop oven is ideal for kiosks and small operations and as a dedicated gluten-free oven in your pizzeria. For more information: (631) 226-6688 Beech High Capacity Oven Beech Ovens Beech Ovens' High Capacity Oven has been designed to meet the high volume demands of chain restaurants. Equipped with a new deck material, a new burner design, and a unique thermocouple assembly, cooking the perfect pizza consistently will be an easy process. The oven operator plays a big role in the cooking process. With this in mind Beech Ovens has also designed features to make their job a bit easier. These features include a touchscreen control panel, thermostatically controlled underfloor burners for precise temperature control, and a high capacity mode for sudden demand increases. For more information: (800) 884-5233

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