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OCT 2017

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Middleby Marshall WOW! 2 Oven PS638 Middleby Marshall The Middleby Marshall award winning WOW! 2 Oven is a favorite of pizza operators due to fast cook times, energy savings and pie consistency. Cook time and energy usage is cut by 30% using this advanced conveyor technology. An exclusive Middleby feature, the "Automatic Energy Eye" is a motion sensor feature that reduces energy consumption by nearly 40%. The Middleby quality reputation, efficient cook time, unmatched bake quality, energy saving technology and a choice of traditional or hearth bake belt are why top chains and independent pizza operators choose Middleby Marshall ovens. For more information: 877-34-OVENS (877-346-8367) The Wunder-Bar Auto-Saucer Automatic Bar Controls Inc The Wunder-Bar Auto-Saucer TM takes perfection to pizza using a rotary top and linear saucing arm. Accurately and evenly spread sauce across 350 pizzas an hour, the Auto-Saucer handles up to 5 different dough types and 5 different sizes, from 6" to 18" pizzas. This sauce portion control system can save operators approximately 7 to 10 hours a week, or 400 hours a year. An optional ready-to-mix model uses state-of-the-art technology to automatically mix the sauce concentrate with water in- line, producing a consistent sauce and eliminating the labor and space required to manually mix and store premixed sauce. Countertop and integrated Auto-Saucer models are also available. For more information: (707) 448-5151 TurboChef Fire TurboChef The TurboChef Fire provides an artisan-hearth style pizza experience for any location. Cooking at temperatures up to 842°F, the Fire oven can cook 14-inch fresh dough pizzas in as little as 90 seconds. This small counter top oven weighs less than 80 pounds and can be placed virtually anywhere without type I or type II ventilation. For more information: (214) 379-6000 PIZZA SOLUTIONS FOR ANY STORE — ANY STYLE from Middleby

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