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OCT 2017

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OCTOBER 2017 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 39 more available out there," Green points out. "The quality of the content from the manufacturers is getting better all the time. And I think the FCSI standards have helped keep companies from going down different content creation paths." FCSI partnered with the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers to develop specific content creation standards for BIM. Those standards remain an ef- fective tool in keeping content creators on the same page. "For the most part, content created with that standard will meet most of our needs," says Wrase. The inconsistency lies within how much detailed informa- tion the manufacturer includes in its product families and how the designers present that data in their drawings. "How we use the information from the manufacturer will differ from other designers," Wrase explains, "so we will need to add some other data to help provide the detailed information that we like to provide our customers. Everyone has different ways to produce their content families. Some manufacturers have a lot of infor- mation in their families, and others have less." For designers looking to become faster and more profi- cient in their use of BIM, developing their content libraries should be a priority. "You have to develop your own libraries. You can use some of the available libraries, but you have to update them yourself to gain the speed of it," Camacho says. Foodservice designers clearly favor those equipment manufacturers who create BIM content. In fact, 77 percent of the designers participating in the FE&S/FCSI BIM Survey said they changed an equipment specification due to the lack of BIM content made available by the manufacturer. Designers seem to be slightly more forgiving if a manufac- turer's BIM content is not up to par, with 55 percent saying they changed a spec due to low-quality BIM content. When a designer requests new BIM content from a factory, 88 percent expect to receive the files in 7 days or less, according to the FE&S/FCSI BIM Survey. Unfortunately, manufacturers only meet that timeframe 39 percent of the time. Forty-five percent of the time it takes a manufacturer 1 to 2 weeks to deliver the requested BIM content. BIM's Benefits Once a BIM user commits to this design platform, there's no going back. "It's like converting from pencils to CAD: Once you start, you might as well do everything that way," Green says. Like any other design tool, working with BIM has its pluses and minuses. "It takes longer on the front end to work in BIM, but doing all of the connections and other aspects of the back- side of the project is faster for our designers," says Camacho, who also serves as president of FCSI–The Americas. "Once we Unlike self-cleaning systems that just spray the back of the hood, the Accurex ® Auto Scrubber completely cleans the plenum and both sides of the fi lters — eliminating daily removal for cleaning. That means reduced operating costs, increased worker safety and less potential for fi re due to a dramatic reduction in grease build-up on fi lters, fans and ductwork. The Auto Scrubber is ideal for heavy grease-producing appliances such as char broilers, woks, fryers, griddles — and for facilities with long duct runs and long hours of operation. Combine the Auto Scrubber with Vari-Flow DCV Controls or energy recovery fi lters for additional energy savings. Learn more at our website or from your local Accurex account manager. A Greenheck Company 800.333.1400 Double duty. © 2017 Accurex New Auto Scrubber self-cleaning hood system cleans both sides of the fi lters in place! Filter options: Grease X-Tractor ™ , Grease Grabber ™ , baffl e or energy recovery. Remote or hood mounted cabinet for wash and fan controls, preprogrammed and interfaced for quick installation. Tool-less access panels for easy maintenance and safe periodic removal of fi lters for inspection. See us at NACS Show Booth #7475

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