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OCT 2017

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28 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • OCTOBER 2017 A n effective foodservice workstation begins with a clear definition of its purpose. This is the first critical contact point where the synergy between equipment and labor comes into play. Kristin Sedej, president of S2O Consultants in Chicago, defines the relationship by asking two questions about the workstation: What is it supposed to accomplish? How many people do you need to accomplish that task? And the menu defines the purpose. "It's everything — it's the starting point," Sedej says. Juan Martinez, principal of the Miami-based consulting firm Profitality, agrees. "Menu leads — everything else follows," he says. The menu determines the necessary labor, and the labor then helps determine the size and setup of the workstations, as well as the optimal placement of the workstations in the kitchen. Future changes in the menu, however, could demand a rethink- ing of workstation placement or composition. For instance, a menu shift toward more sandwiches and salads and away from hot entrees could necessitate more cold prep tables or the instal- lation of refrigerated storage at a workstation. EFFICIENTLY ERGONOMIC Ergonomic considerations must be a major factor in designing an effective workstation. Martinez explains designers should WORKSTATIONS THAT WORK While equipment may be the backbone of any commercial kitchen, if it's not ergonomically and thoughtfully placed, it won't perform to its full potential. The same might be said of staff. Wasted movements and wasted steps cost operators time and money. But effectively designed workstations optimize equipment and labor to create a best-of-both-worlds situation that keeps kitchen workflow moving smoothly. By Tom O'Brien

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