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OCT 2017

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OCTOBER 2017 • FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES • 21 » How trends dining Impact Tabletop Specification Some people say they don't follow trends. But the thing is, trends can have a domino effect regardless of whether you're into them. Take food trends. As more chefs figure out different ways to use ingredients such as gochujang (Korean for red chili paste) or uni (Japanese for sea urchin) or to grow microgreens in their kitchens, they also think of new ways to serve their creations. And as more diners take photos of the food at their tables, that impacts the way chefs think about how to plate dishes. All of this has a direct impact on the pieces that foodservice operators select to adorn their tabletops. Here, we provide a look at some of e top dining trends and eir impact on tabletop selection. By Amelia Levin

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